Fortified Soliloquy- By Shiuly Ray.

After a long time, I visited Bastakiya Fort, it is in the historical district, where the ruling family originated. I always feel an eternal connection with this place. First of all,  it is  my passion for the past, here I can mix my unbound fancies and rebuild a new story . Secondly, almost two decades ago this was the first place where I sojourned with my young husband and a toddler when the first time I  embarked in Dubai . So the ambience of this place somehow blended with the time span of my early Dubai life and made it very momentous. Holding my daughter's tiny hand I had strolled this history ornate place number of times ; keeping the long stretch of the creek on one hand, had stared at the fort in bewilderment.


But , Now the place has changed completely with the pace of time. Once it was the epicenter of the  Dubai Shopping Festival , the place used to be filled with bustling tourists and frolicking children. The handicrafts, cuisines ,cultural shows , henna paintings, souvenirs ,camel rides used to showcase the Arabian tapestry at their best. Now the shopping buzz has shifted to the modern architecture - to the Downtown Dubai and lucrative shopping malls. Henceforth, the place has been deserted and silent. The fort is standing in despair solitude. The eerie tranquility through the misty evening echoed through me - nothing is permanent ; change is the only constant. Before retreating, one more time I looked back with a heavy heart and deep sigh ! I can still visualize a young face anchored in a new land with big dreams and high hopes . I can still hear the incessant voice of a small gleeful child. I  can still reconnect with a young architect trying to build a home away from home. I looked back again to see the brightest star over the windmill.