Bengali Actors Ridhima Ghosh and Shaheb Bhattacherjee Inaugurate Restaurant in Kolkata

By J P Mandal, WBRINN (

Ridhima Ghosh (Bengali Actress)
Ridhima Ghosh

Kolkata, Jan 31 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Tollywood’s next-gen actors Shaheb Bhattacherjee and Ridhima Ghosh recently launched a new restaurant at Acropolis Mall in Kolkata. The two actors were last seen together in the laugh-riot comedy film Half-Serious and are considered the most groomed and stylish among current generation of actors in Bengali film Industry. They were spotted checking out the different cocktails and food platters available.

Ridhima Ghosh and Shaheb Bhattacherjee
Ridhima Ghosh and Shaheb Bhattacherjee try cocktails

Ridhima looked chic in a trendy stripped purple dress paired with a denim jacket. She said, “I like the ambience of this restaurant very much. I like the happy and vibrant color used all around. The decor is just as fantastic as the food in the trendiest restaurant in town.”

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Shaheb looked dapper in his trademark three piece suit. “The restaurant has lot of innovations. Where else do you find restaurant or bar with video game corner and bean bags? The bookworms too would love this place as there is a library corner,” he said.

“The tables are mini black boards and every table has a box full of chalks. You can play games, draw an image or scribble anything you want to. Hoppípolla is full of fun elements. The drinks and food are so affordable that people, especially younger lot will simply rush at this place. The fun doubles as this place offers indulgence in Beer sports like Beer Pong and Beer chuggathon,” added the actor who has portrayed Feluda's sidekick Topshe.

The event also saw the presence of designers Lopamudra Mandal Saha and Indroneel Mukherjee. Actor Bobby Chakrabarty was also spotted at the event.

The menu of the restaurant is a well mix of Jamaican, Asian, American and the Mediterranean food mixed at will without following traditions. The highlights of the menu are Chiseled Prawn, lamb patty, Stuffed Mushrooms, The new age Wing Man Chicken, fudge Block, E-toast, Shepherd’s pie and many more.

Ridhima Ghosh and Shaheb Bhattacherjee
Ridhima Ghosh and Shaheb Bhattacherjee

Hoppípolla is an Icelandic term that means ‘jumping in puddles’ and the restaurant really lives upto its name. The ambiance created by model aeroplanes hung from the ceiling, bioscopes installed on walls and funky yet comfortable sitting arrangements can make even the gloomiest face smile. And guess which colors dominate the restaurant? They are blue and white. Perfectly designed for Kolkata indeed.