Mohenjo Daro: Hrithik Roshan to Travel in Time Again with Pooja Hegde and Ashutosh Gowariker - WBRi Film Preview

By J P Mandal and Ankita Pandey, WBRINN (

Kolkata, Jan 30 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Hrithik Roshan will travel time for the second time to go back in history. After bringing alive on screen the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the widely acclaimed movie Jodha Akbar, the green eyed actor will be seen in the era of 2600 BC in his upcoming movie Mohenjo Daro.

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"Pooja Hegde" by Filmitadka - Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikipedia.

The film which is being directed and co-produced by Ashutosh Gowariker is a period drama set back in the era of Indus Valley Civilization that dates back to 2600 BC and will have the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro as its backdrop.

In Mohenjo Daro, Hrithik has been paired with Pooja Hegde who rose to fame in 2010 as she grabbed the positon of second runner up In Miss India Universe contest. Pooja who already has one Tamil and a couple of Telegu movies in her filmography will make her debut in Bollywood with this film.

Hrithik Roshan in new Hindi Movie with Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan

It is being said that Pooja will be the personification of the famous Dancing Girl of Mohenjo daro which was found by archaeologist Earnest Mackay in 1926. As Pooja’s character is based on the statue which has been dated back to 2500 BC, it is believed that she will be seen asa teenager in the film. Though the cast and crew is tight lipped about the characters details, it is being guessed that Pooja’s character sketch is will be in the line of Birtish historian Mortimer Wheeler’s observation of the statue.  According to records, Wheeler had commented about it, “She's about fifteen years old I should think, not more, but she stands there with bangles all the way up her arm and nothing else on. A girl perfectly, for the moment, is perfectly confident of herself and the world. There's nothing like her, I think, in the world.”

The film also stars actor Kabir Bedi who will be seen as the main antagonist in the film. This is the second time the veteran actor is sharing screen space with Hrithik. Though their previous film together (Kite) did not do well at the box office, it is highly unlikely that same thing will repeat again.

Arunadaoy Singh will also play a negative character in the movie. He will be seen playing the son of Kabir Bedi and will have a number of on screen face of with Hrithik.

The film is being extensively shot in South Africa and also in Bhuj province of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.The audience will also get to watch gruelling stunts in the movies. According to the reports the film will have an action sequence between three 20-feet-long crocodiles and the Hrithik. The sequence was shot in Vera Ghat near Jabalpur. For the sequence the crocodiles were transported through different locations on Narmada River like Swargdwar, Dattagufa, Trimurti Point and finally reached Ashoka Point where the sequence was shot.

The actor will also be seen taking on a tiger in the epic love story. Special CGI effects are to be implemented to make the action sequence more appealing.

The film's stunts have been choreographed by Glenn Boswell and to add special effects Karen Goulekas has been roped. The special effect supervisor has showed us his impressive works in movies like The Day after Tommorow  and 10,000 BC.

Reports indicate Hrithik has been paid Rs 50 crore making him one of the most top paid actors in the industry. The movie which itself has a budget running over 150 crores.

To keep up with the demand of the character the actor with Greek God look is training very hard for the role. U.K. based trainer Joshua Kyle Boker has been roped in to train Roshan for his character. His look for the movie will be 'lithe' and 'agile' rather than his previous muscular look.

It seems that all is not going well with Mohenjo Daro as an allegation has been made by director Akashditya Lama that Ashutosh Gowariker has stolen the story of the film from one of his stage plays. Lama has also sent a legal notice to the producers of the movie asking for a stay on the production and release of the film.

Recently Hrithik also has injured his leg while doing an action sequence. He has tore his ligament and at the moment is moving around with a crouch.

Mohenjo Daro produced by Disney India and Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd. is scheduled to worldwide release on 12th August 2016.   The music in the movie will be composed by AR Rahman.