DARK CHOCOLATE Bengali Film Actress Mahima Chaudhury: "Understanding Indrani Mukherjee was most challenging" (Interview)

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee/WBRINN

Mahima Choudhary
Actress Mahima Choudhary

Kolkata, Jan 19 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhury was recently in Kolkata to attend the Poster launch of her debut Bengali film “Dark Chocolate” based on the controversial Sheena Bora Murder Case. The “Pardes” actress is playing the role of Indrani Mukherjee, the prime accused in the murder case.

Mahima Choudhary
Mahima Choudhary with official poster of DARK CHOCOLATE new Bangla movie

During the event Washington Bangla Radio caught up with Mahima and asked her about her experience of working in Bengali film Industry for the first time.  Mahima replied to WBRi, “ Though I was born in Bengal and spent my entire life till college in Darjeeling, I never had the right opportunity to work in Bengali films. My destiny took me to Mumbai very early in my life and I got too busy working there. Now at last I have got an opportunity to work in a Bengali film. I am liking the working environment here. The actors are all very talented here. The environment is much more relaxed in the Bengali Film Industry than Bollywood. Bollywood is a big industry and everything is done very systematically  and there are strict deadlines. Here the ambiance is more homely and informal. Though the deadlines set here are not that strict but still films are completed within the projected time.”

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Riya Sen and Mahima Chaudhury
Riya Sen and Mahima Chaudhury (WBRi File Photo)

Mahima is playing one of the most complicated women the world has ever seen in the new Bangla movie.  About her character she told WBRi, “The most difficult part of bringing this character alive on screen was understanding the character of real life Indrani Mukherjee. It was beyond my understanding that inspite of the presence of so much romance how could hatred got so much room in Indrani’s life.Every research about the incident seemed incomplete as new characters popped up everyday and a new relation was being discovered.”

Indrasish, Pallavi, Shataf, Pradip Chudiwal, Mahima, Agnidev, Rituparna, Rajesh Sharma and Tathagata Ghosh
From Left Indrasish, Pallavi, Shataf, Pradip Chudiwal, Mahima, Agnidev, Rituparna, Rajesh Sharma and Tathagata Ghosh

“My character has two distinctive sides in the film. One is very loving and caring side while the other is ambitious, violent and hateful. Sometimes we get characters which are completely unbelievable. The role of Indrani is one of them. If it was not based on real life incident, people would have never believed that such a woman can exist who can kill her own daughter and roam around without any remorse. ” she added.

When WBRi asked her about her own inputs in the character, Mahima said, “I actually did not try to put much of my own inputs into that character. You can do that only after you have understood the actual character which I have been unable to till this day. Whenever I watched the footages of Indrani Mukherjee available in different media to understand her, I have got confused. I kept telling myself that Indrani was like this and moments later I felt that she was not.  So I tried to stick to the character as explained to me by the director.”

Rajesh and Agnidev
Rajesh Sharma and Agnidev Chatterjee

Apart from Mahima, others from the star cast of the film including Shataf Figar, Indrasish Roy and Rajesh Sharma were present at the Poster launch event along with the captain of the ship Agnidev Chatterjee. Pallavi Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta too dropped in at the venue to wish the team well.

Mahima Chaudhury
Mahima Chaudhury (WBRi File Photo)