Chorabali (2016) Bangla Movie: Music and Trailer Release

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee/WBRINN

Tanushree Chakraborty - Chorabali (Bengali, 2016) Trailer and Music Release
Bengali actress Tanushree Chakraborty at Chorabali (2016) Trailer and Music Release

Kolkata, Jan 18 (Washington Bangla Radio) The hunters will be hunted soon with the release of Subhrajit Mitra's new Bangla movie Chorabali.

Bengali Actress Malobika Banerjee
Actress Malobika Banerjee

The audio songs, music OST and trailer launch event of the upcoming Bengali feature film was recently held at Cambridge Banquet in Kolkata in the presence of the cast and crew of the film.

Locket Chatterjee and Tanushree Chakraborty - Chorabali (Bengali, 2016) Trailer and Music Release
Locket Chatterjee and Tanushree Chakraborty

The director of the film Subhrajit Mitra and the producer Pradip Churiwal were present at the event along with the members of  the ensemble cast - Tanushree Chakrabarty, Locket Chatterjee, Sayani Dutta, Barun Chanda, Shataf Figar, Malobika Banerjee, Tathagata Ghosh, Mou Baidya and Parijat Chakrabarty.

Paintings are a promotional tool for Chorabali

Bengali Singer Ujjaini Mukherjee
Singer Ujjaini Mukherjee

Singer Ujjaini Mukherjee represented the music department in the absence of music director of the film Dibyendu.

Agatha Christie steps into T-Town with Chorabali

“I enjoyed singing this song (title track) for the film. I have always loved to work on lyrics composed by Prosen. I am very comfortable with Prosen’s lyrics. Also the awesome music composed by Dibyendu made the experience sweeter,” said Ujjaini about the song she has performed for the film.

“Whoever has heard this song has told me that they have not come across such kind of a powerful song in Bengali for over a decade,” the singer added with justified pride. Ujjaini also performed live a few lines from the only song in the film.

Actor Shataf Figar
Actor Shataf Figar

Director Shubhrajit Mitra said at the event, “Music is very important for a thriller. It builds the ambience of a thriller and is instrumental for such a film’s appeal. Music and songs of a movie are part of the narrative style of Chorabali. We researched a lot before we settled into the final lyrics of the song. We made Prosen compose at least seven to eight drafts before we got exactly what we had in mind.”

CHORABALI (2016) Bengali Film Unit Cast and Crew
Chorabali (Bengali, 2016) Film Unit

Veteran actor Barun Chanda appreciated the director refraining from forcing songs into the movie. He said, “We have often seen that songs are forcefully introduced in the movies. Many movies, especially thrillers, often do not have much scope for songs. Subhrajit has rightly decided to stick to one song - the title song only. This is a very bold move indeed but suits the film perfectly.”

Bengali Actress Locket Chatterjee
Actress Locket Chatterjee

Locket Chatterjee, one of the experienced senior actresses in the cast, added, “I liked the way the movie’s promotion is being designed. I immensely liked the poster released few days ago. Now the trailer too is mind-blowing.”

About her character, Locket said, “I play the role of a drug and alcohol addicted actress who is very lonely and gloomy. She was married in the past but  is now separated from her husband and leads a very indisciplined life. But she is very proud of her identity and fame.”

Bengali Actress Sayani Dutta
Actress Sayani Dutta at Chorabali Logo launch (WBRi File Photo)

Tanushree, the leading lady of the film said, “I love the way the trailer has come out. The trailer of a thriller is a very important tool for marketing. I am so glad that the trailer of Chorabali has turned up to be so intriguing."

Chorabali 2016 Bengali Movie Poster

Chorabali has an official theatrical release date of 22nd January. Watch the Chorabali (2016) new Bangla movie HD trailer online.