I Want to Paint Kolkata Vibrant Colors - Shah Rukh Khan (WBRi Interview)

By Ankita Pandey, Edited by Asmita Mukherjee/WBRINN (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)
Photos: Abhikendu Debroy/WBRINN

Shah Rukh Khan returns to Kolkata to launch coffee-table book "Shades of Bengal", talks to WBRi about his upcoming films FAN and RAEES, Salman Khan's SULTAN, the Bengali psyche, his first trips to the city, Nolen Gur and more

Shah Rukh Khan in Kolkata (C) WBRi Inc.

Kolkata, India, Jan 14 (Washington Bangla Radio) - “Given a chance I would paint Kolkata in dazzling poly-chrome,” Shah Rukh Khan told WBRi during his latest visit to Kolkata.

The King of Bollywood is affectionately called Khan Dada in this city, much to the amusement of Kajol. He could not stay away for long, returning within days of promoting “Dilwale” with Kajol here. This trip to the City of Joy saw him launch Kansai Nerolac Paints' coffee-table book "Shades of Bengal".

This WBRi correspondent took the opportunity to ask Shah Rukh Khan what his choice of color would be if he were to paint Kolkata city.

“Kolkata is already so colorful that one color would not do justice to it. So I would like to paint the city in VIBGYOR so that it becomes as colorful as a rainbow. If confined to a single color, I would pick Red. Yes, I really want to paint Kolkata city Red,” said SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan in Kolkata (C) WBRi Inc.

When asked what he perceives to be the most colorful aspect of Bengal, Khan Dada did not have to think long. “I find the authenticity of the people of Kolkata and Bengal most colorful,” he quipped.

The owner of Kolkata Knight Riders also said Kolkatans always show their true color. “If people of Kolkata love you they will hug you and shower all the affection in the universe on you. If they are mad at you for any reason they will make sure that you know about it all the time.There is no hypocrisy in the emotions of the Kolkatan.”

Shah Rukh Khan launches SHADES OF BENGAL Coffee-table book in Kolkata (C) WBRi Inc.
Shah Rukh Khan launches SHADES OF BENGAL Coffee-table book in Kolkata

The actor became quite nostalgic when asked to share his earliest memories of Kolkata. "I first came to Kolkata to perform at a theater show when I was a college student. It was very special and exciting for me as it was my first-ever performance outside Delhi. My second visit here was for an audio-visual shoot on the City of Joy. I just roamed around in the streets staying in a small hotel room sharing it with friends. I wish I could do all these again."

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol talk to WBRi in Kolkata about DILWALE

What does he dislike in Kolkata? “For me, coming to Kolkata always means adding a lot of calories which is not a perfect  thing to do for an actor. But I cannot resist the delicacies of Bengal and the love with which I am offered all those ravishing dishes. Whenever I come to Kolkata I have to eat a lot of sweets that I cannot bring myself to refuse. Recently when I visited the city with Kajol, she too presented me with two kilos of ‘nolen gur’ (jaggery) from Kolkata and told me to take it with either milk or yogurt. Now is that a good thing for an actor?" Known for his wit, SRK thus smoothly avoided expressing any negative opinion of the city!

The Baadshah of Bollywood also spoke about his next film "FAN" the impressive trailer of which we have all watched. He will play the role of both superstar Aryan Khanna and a die-hard fan Gaurav. Talking about FAN, the 50-year old actor admitted it was quite a  challenge for him to pull off both roles simultaneously.

“It was not easy to fit into the shoes of a fan. Before I could become a fan, I became a star, making it difficult for me to have really understood that part".

RAEES (2016) Hindi Movie Official PosterHe also talked about his other upcoming film ‘Raees’ in which Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has been roped in as his co-star. He was asked if he would ever like to return the favor and goodwill by doing a Pakistani movie in near future.

Mahira Khan in Shoaib Mansoor's BOL

“I am not thinking about foraying into any foreign movie, not just Pakistan. My dream is rather to make an Indian film with the kind of techniques and grandeur that a broad international audience would want to watch..

He however did appreciate the venturing of some Bollywood actors in Hollywood projects, saying that they are doing an excellent job in reaching out to international viewers and introducing Indian cinema to a larger audience. He congratulated and conveyed his best wishes to Priyanka Chopra for winning the People's Choice award for the TV series Quantico.

Rahul Dholakia-directed Raees also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The crime-drama is set in Gujarat of the 1980s and looks at the outlawing of drugs, alcohol and prostitution from a new perspective.

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Asked  if he was looking forward to do any films based on Kolkata, the actor said he would love to shoot here but the movie has to be set up in Kolkata. "I won't come here just for the beauty or some songs. Till date no plans to do a Kolkata-based movie.”

His reactions on the release of the teaser trailer of Salman Khan’s "Sultan" with his movie “Fan”? “It is wonderful to see such things happen. Also both Fan and Sultan are productions of the same house.” Both Fan and Sultan are YRF (Yash Raj Films) productions.

Shah Rukh’s “Raees” and Salman’s “Sultan” will clash at the box office as they are opening the same day. The actor said, "So many films are released every year, it is obvious that often two big projects will clash. So there is nothing much to say about such clashes. I hope both films do well."

Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Mehrotra
Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Mehrotra

Ram Mehrotra, VP Sales and Marketing, Kansai Nerolac said “Shades of Bengal is an ode to the vibrant and varied colors of Bengal. This coffee-table book celebrates the spirit of Bengal from its landscapes and festivals to the hearts of its people."

In the meanwhile, watch the 2nd official trailer of Fan.