Fagun Thakrar is trained in seventeen dance forms

Mumbai, January 31, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): We have heard of many actresses who excel in a certain type of dance style - either Indian classical i.e. Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc or a certain western dance form such as jazz, salsa etc... But new comer Fagun Thakrar has left everyone far behind in this.

The actress who was last seen in the film Bhopal, A Prayer For Rain is trained in not one, not two but 17 different dance styles. She has been training in 17 different styles of dances since the age of 4. Fagun learnt these dance styles while growing up in London.

The 17 dance styles that she is trained in are- Classical and Contemporary European dance- Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Period Dancing. In Indian dance styles- Bharatnatyam Dance, Bollywood Dance, Kathak .Other-Rock 'n' Roll Dance, Street Dance, Street Jazz, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, Freestyle Dance, Hip Hop Dance,  Jive, Salsa dancing.

Well, with all this talent, one can only say that Fagun is born to dance.