"EBAR SHABOR" - A Never Before Experience awaits!!!

J7Er6D  "EBAR SHABOR" - a new movie! A thriller actually!!

But who is Shabor Dasgupta? A new sleuth in town?To begin with what is the meaning of SHABOR? A Bengali name which is not-so-common... In fact SHABOR mean 'the one who hunts'... as the Tagline of this movie says quite subtly "The Hunt is On..." Well  I, personally 'am a hunter of good thrillers, edgy and crisp movies where I will not be able to point out any loose ends, something which will impress me, will satiate my hunger for good thrillers...like Khamosh, A Wednesday, ek Hasina Thi, Johnny Gaddar or oldies like Thana Theke Aschhi (Uttam Kumar) and Chupi Chupi Asey (Tarun Kumar)...but alas, my hunt was on... my thirst heightened and then maybe abated...with one or two flicks which I luckily caught on DVDs here and abroad...but the hunt for a good Bengali / Hindi thriller went on... especially a Bengali one since nothing worthwhile was churning out of Tollywood in the last 3 - 4 years in the name of thrillers!

They all had the same "Food Gone Bad" feel, which gave me nausea and headaches!
Before entering the auditorium, I should confess that I did not expect much from an unread Shabor Dasgupta thriller penned by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. I went inside the theatre with a bit of trepidation along with a sense of joy for this film "EBAR SHABOR" directed by Arindam Sil.
But from the very first shot, and the title credits, with Bickram Ghosh's mind-boggling, dark, cruel, innovative, sometimes pounding and sometimes like a caress, different yet so perfect music made me sit up and take notice of this beautifully crafted, stylish and
perfect thriller.
I personally don't know how many of the film lovers will really go for this fantastic films? Since, I've noticed that the majority of the film go-ers tend to throng at films which carries either nonsensical comedy, very predictible songs, hackneyed situations with a so-called heavy cast, which will definitely result in zero impact,there, no one can, even Shabor Dasgupta himself CANNOT find a story.A story which can be converted into a film!
If the story is itself weak, is it possible to develop a script?
When one tends to build a 'behemoth' one needs to design it's frame in the most strudy manner,
which primarily Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay had already done with his pen, and the movie making part was
picked up by Arindam Sil the director whose work is proof enough that he takes his job seriously,
does his homework like an obedient student and actually UNDERSTANDS CINEMA!

hyWV7p It's not because that I like Saswato Chatterjee (playing Shabor Dasgupta) or I know Arindam so well that I am giving him 8 stars ourt of ten for this movie, It's only because they really deserve it! "EBAR SHABOR"  will never need falsepromotions, glossy hypes or comments filled with a murky kind of a lie! "EBAR SHABOR" will definitely be lapped up by "real movie fans"who were moved by movies like th ones I've mentioned above... and to be very honest, in this fading culture and waning times "when did you see o notice a good film getting it's due?" Kiran Rao's "DHOBI GHAT" went unnoticed, so was Naseeruddin's "JOHN DAY"!
Speaking about the movie I must say that Shirsho Roy has captured Calcutta (not Kolkata) in it's best. In the rains,in the wee hours of the morning, with the setting Sun and the sill of the night - EBAR SHABOR brings back the real CALCUTTA with a bit of unrest! Excellent performances by Saswato, Abir, Swastika, Payel, Shubrojit, Rahul,Dipankar De and above all Hrittwik Chakraborty (of 'SHOBDO' fame)- this guy's a dark horse I tell you!)- along with a fantastic score by Bickram Ghosh, creating magical moments with rhythm, sound effects and the oh-so- unsettling Drone. His composition, a song "Adho Ghum" which speaks about the night in it' notes but is shot in the early hours brings the magic of contrast from the deepest confines of a composer of fine caliber like Bickram Ghosh. Since I am a man of music, I will tend to rat-tat-tat more words
on my word processor for the music score alone, not only because I do understand it, but because of the fact that this kind of music is yet unheard of in Bengali Films till date; Bickram's mix of Skin rhythms with electronica
and the correct seasoning of Layered Ethnic notes and spattered texture made my skin crawl! I was remembering the music score of films as varied as Khamosh, Raat, Dirty Harry, The Legion, Shutter Island, Sholay, Arjun, Chor Police, Black Rain etc.only because they have survived in my memory for such a long time, only because they were different and very effective! I would very much like to see Bickram Ghosh doing the score for more films, so we can listen to some WORTHWHILE music!
In the beginning of the movie after Swastika (playing the role of Mitali)  is horrificly stabbed to death the entry of Shabor Dasgupta and Nandalal changes the whole atmosphere! Again the flavour changes with the defined angles of Abir, Payel, Rahul, June and Dipankar!  I was really not blinking...
Since there are so many layers (each layer very well-defined) I was waiting for the next one- and the characters played by Hrittwik and Debalina jumped in! The falvour of the original story REEN, very much intact in the whole movie... simply absorbing and fast-paced, yet so meticulous!
I know, that Arindam will definitely make many more films in the future, even one or two more of SHABOR's...
but I can very surely say that this  particular movie will remain  as one of his best works - FOREVER!
Arindam Sil will "take-off" as a director with this flick!