Subroto Bandyopadhyay -Self-written Poetry Recitation [Swarochito Kobita Abritti]


Gifted with golden baritone, crystal clear pronunciation, a very deep and brooding emotional nature coupled with technical brilliance and, above all, a highly intricate yet subtle and sensuous performing ability, Subroto always intends to portray his acute consciousness with all its nuance and details. His Vocal expression and Voice-throwing always try very hard to grab and depict the whole world of momentary sensations and evolving realization of an individual. In this way, he is a versatile Voice-Painter, standing alone beside the whole gamut of Recitation fraternity, relentlessly perfecting his art with great many variations of tone, tempo and pitch. His ability, application and stark tendency to go against the very general trend of 21st century Bengali recitation resound his originality, sometimes adorable, sometimes debatable, imparting new dimension to the Art-medium and soulfully trying to create music out of sheer spoken words. No wonder, such exceptional caliber was destined to get eight consecutive releases from top three recording companies of Bengal (HMV, Sagarika Music and Asha Audio) and 20 years experience as announcer in All India Radio, Kolkata. As expectations from dedicated listeners fulfilled initially, it is the time now to observe the unusual flight of such rare artistry henceforth to the point of sunset and even beyond.
From 2001 onwards, Subroto, had been pioneer in sharing and, thus, helping countless striving hearts of Bengal and beyond as some Recorded Lectures about Recitation and Spoken Words Discipline, came out one after another(2001,2005,2010) through some big commercial Record Companies having large network in Bengal and far beyond. It was nothing but Aabritti Charchar Aw Aa Ka Kha Part 1, 2, 3. These lecture projects met with immediate commercial success and adulation proving themselves quite a handful to many others. Here, his social concerns got exemplified aptly.
He never stopped there either. His deep fellow-filling further prompted him to spot and produce some of talented contemporary recitation artists of Bengal. Thus, Manosi Bandyopadhyay's PHIRE ELAM (a Recitation album, cozmik harmony,2009) and Alok RoyGhatak's MUKHGULI(another Recitation album, RP Techvision,2010) surfaced before loving listeners. The very experiences gathered from Bishakha Mukherjee's KONTHE EKOBINGSHOTIR DHWANI(a Recitation album, Music 2000,2000A.D.) put-forth adequate technical contribution in those two released albums as SUBROTO edited, mixed and sound-designed those albums along with playing the role of Background designer. In the history of Recitation, this pioneering effort must be registered with reverence.
Therefore, it must not be disproportionate for the listeners of Recitation, as a whole, to take a special interest for such dynamic calibre - SUBROTO BONDYOPADHYAY, the passionate Voice-Painter as he thinks right to call him by and to enjoy his performance for years to come.