UNLEASH with Bollywood Star Bipasha Basu as you embark on a high-octane fitness routine!


Mumbai, January 17 (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) -  Bipasha Basu with her perfectly chiseled and enviably toned body has become the fitness icon of the Industry. Her series of Fitness DVDs - Fit & Fabulous You and Break Free have achieved major success in the genre. Now she is ready with her 3rd DVD in the series – Unleash. 

The fitness diva released Unleash in Reliance Digital Express, Mumbai along with Hiren Gada – Director and Atul Maru – Jt Managing Director of Shemaroo Entertainment amid her fans. The actress also enjoyed watching the enthusiastic audience who tried the work out under the instructor’s vigilance. She was seen addressing the audience on how it is essential to stay fit and also be strong.

The Unleash routine will help to sculpt your body using Plyometric and Cardiovascular moves that will improve your muscular strength through explosive moves. This routine will help improve your Lung, Heart and Circulatory function. It will also help to strengthen your bones and improve muscle coordination. It burns major calories and therefore greatly assists in weight loss. All in all Unleash will make you stronger and will help you discover the power within you.

Bipasha Basu shares her feelings on her latest fitness DVD Unleash, “I am very excited to launch the 3rd DVD edition ‘Unleash’ under my BBLYS series. While my 1st DVD Fit & Fabulous you was circuit training of strength, cardio, abdomen exercises and Break free was a fun dance workout routine, Unleash is a combination routine of cardiovascular exercises like squats, lunges, kicks and Plyometric moves. 


It is a fantastic routine with great benefits. We have great cardio moves that actually help improve your heart condition. It also helps you build up your stamina and endurance levels. And surely a lot of weight loss happens; and also you become strong with this routine. I have loved creating this routine with my team and I hope the audience enjoys working out with me. It’s time to Unleash ☺”.
Hiren Gada, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment shares his excitement on launch of the 3rd fitness video of Bipasha Basu on DVD. “Among all the videos UNLEASH is the most demanding and strong routine. Bipasha is known for her fitness and we are sure the DVD will encourage a lot of people to achieve a fit and great body.”

‘Unleash’ is also available for digital streaming via Shemaroo Bolly & Beyond Android App and website (www.shemaroo.com/digital/bipashabasuloveyourself). 
The DVD of Unleash is economically priced at Rs 299/- only.