Debasish Chakraborty-Bengali Poetry Recitation (Bangla Kobita Abritti)


Debasish is a star in his own right when it comes to the art of recitation. With almost 15 years' experience under his belt, this man is one of the most popular recitation artistes in west bengal. However debasish's foray into the performing arts was in ganasangeet in Bharatiya Gana Natyo Sangha in 1989. Never professionally trained , Debasish , who could not even play the harmonium , had an uncanny knack of picking up tunes...even taans , alaps and ragas. But after a long stint of leading his group in gana sangeet , Debasish began to look for something more subtle and yet challenging.  

Being a man of literature ( post graduate in English from North Bengal University ) Debasish had always nurtured an interest on poetry.He was a die hard fan of Kazi Sabyasachi's recitation. So he turned to the art himself. Debasish won the abritti competition at the state youth fest in 1993 at the municipal , district and finally state level. That clinched the deal. From 1993 to 1995 , Debasish put in all he could give into perfecting his new calling. He spent hours practicing -reciting his favorite poems , recording them , listening to them identifying flaws and working on them. He also got his friends to give him feedback on his recordings.

In 1995 Debasish made his first big stage performance with live music and sound.He didn't have to look behind after that. Debasish was flooded with offers to perform all over the state and soon even outside it. Debasish has regaled audiences in kolkata , Delhi , Mumbai and Pune with his mellifluous baritone. In 2001  Debasish cut his first solo album.-Amar Sab Aponjan and dedicated it to Kazi Sabyasachi. 

Debasish ,a teacher at Shyamnagar Kanti Chandra High School ,believes that his students are his biggest fans." Even my colleagues appreciate my work and treat me with great respect. And of course my principal is indulgent enough to grant me a few special privileges of taking off for shows "- he chuckles. Apart from his perfect vocal chords crystal clear diction Debasish's success and popularity is also due to his unique style of experiment. He uses a plethora of aids to enrich his stage performance. His performances are accompanied by visuals projected on back screen , music and other sound effects...his own voice , choruses , songs or even sounds from nature ...making his shows an audio visual extravaganza. In 2008 he performed  in NABC at San Francisco.It was his first foreign tour. In 2013 he performed so well in Bangladesh that he has again been invited to perform there in Feb,2014. There are no boundaries to explore this great performer's works.

Listen to his uniqueness in 10 recitations of various tastes: