Gayatri Ghosh (Mimi) -Self-written Poetry Recitation [Mimi-r swarochito Kobita Abritti]

Gayatri Ghosh,known as Mimi in the literary world was born in Kolkata (former Calcutta).She was the youngest child in a joint family.She lost both her parents in her adolescence.This unfortunate incident has impacted her life since then,till now.She wanted to become a lawyer-the dream didnt come true.She had to leave her job for bad health condition.But the love in literature that grew at a vary tender age,never left her alone.

Mimi used to devour all kind of literature-printed paper bags were also among them.She is equally talented in prose and poetry.She used to memorize and recite the text book poetries for several time.After she took voluntary retirement from her job,she started writing poems.She took her pen and started capturing the different color and moods of life in the form of poetry.She is modest enough to leave the rest in the hands of the readers.She accepts positive criticism to enrich her writing.

Mimi loves the company of  interesting people with varied experiences which enriches her life. She loves to spend time with kids. She is also fond of music but most passionate about poetry and simply loves to recite them.She gets immense pleasure when her poems are recited on radio or her poems are published in magazines.

Listen to Mimi's poetry in her own voice: