Supartha Sen-Bengali Poetry Recitation(Bangla Kobita Abritti)


Supartha was born and raised in Kolkata, although his ancestors belonged to Bangladesh. During independence, his grandfather immigrated from Chittagong to Calcutta.  Supartha's father had a transferrable job in Indian Railways, so he grew up in his maternal home. There he got an exposure to reading different kinds of literature and magazines during his early childhood. His school library supplied him with books which he devoured in no time! His interest in recitation developed from his school days when he participated in school cultural programmes. College initiated a change in him when he started reading the works of Sunil Ganguly. Nillohit, a happy jobless common man became his instant favourite. At the same time, he started reading poetry of Sunil Ganguly, Shakti Chattopadhyay, Shankha Ghosh, Subhash Mukherjee apart from Rabindranath Tagore. As a young jobless graduate he found solace in reading and reciting poems. “Banshi” by Tagore was his all time favorite.

After graduation, one day he accompanied his friend to watch a play “Bela Obelar Golpo” a Bengali adaptation from Brecht, staged by renowned theatre group Theatre Workshop. He was dazzled by the world of theatre and the very next day he joined the group. He worked as a back stage artist and occasionally performed in “Narak Gulzar”.

He had to take up a job in Kashmir and had to leave Kolkata in the 1990's.Suddenly he found himself rootless. His job took him to different parts of India and he is currently settled in Hyderabad. He is now an active member of the Bengali community in Hyderabad adept at organizing cultural programmes, and participating as a narrator or recitation artist himself.His love for recitation continues strongly even today, sharing his work on Youtube. He is the founder member of Facebook Group “Abritti Tomar Amar” created for like minded individuals who love recitation and need a common platform to share their work. The number of members have swelled to more than a hundred in the few months of its existence. He enjoys the company of people with a good sense of humour, loves spending time with his family, consisting of his wife and a cute daughter aged six and a half.

Listen to Supartha's favorite poetries: