Celebs Laud Pratik Sharma’s Breathtaking Carscapes

Mumbai, January 12, 2014(Washington Bangla Radio): “Cars are not just machines. They are people with a mind of their own, they rev up to your touch, love attention and the more you love them, the more is their lifespan. There is nothing like curling inside the car, within its embrace and no longer feeling alone. It always lets you take total control once you are in the driving seat, never mind its size!”

This in short, sums up artist Pratik Sharma’s journey of growing up with cars. Followed by graduation from Raffles Designing Institute in Singapore, Pratik Sharma translated his childhood fantasies of steering the mean machines into breathtaking Carscapes!

Pratik Sharma’s Carscapes exhibition opening at Reflections, JW Marriott, saw the likes of Om Puri, Dino Morea, Rohit Roy, Sujata Mehta, Brijesh Shandilya, Mudasir Ali, Jasvinder Singh, artists Vinod Sharma, Samir Mondal, Ravindra Mardia, Meenu De, proud parents and veteran artists Charan and Nimisha Sharma, director Ajay Tuli, Bina Aziz among many others graced the opening.


“I am coming back tomorrow with my son,” said and elated Om Puri. “My son loves cars.” Rohit Roy talked about how Pratik’s works brought back to him childhood memories of cars,” while Dino Morea loved the minute detailing and admired Pratik's taking his passion of cars to a different level.”


Pratik Sharma’s Carscapes exhibition is on from Jan 10-27 at Reflections, JW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road. For years now BBC (Bombay Baking Company), the popular deli at JW Marriott, Mumbai has displayed Pratik Sharma’s art that have added various hues to the walls bringing out the characteristics of the décor. The 5-star hotel has now taken this opportunity to bring to light the talent of Pratik Sharma by showcasing the best of his work at Reflections, JW Marriott, Mumbai.