Kailash Kher soulful singing creates another iconic song from Laxmi - woh ram, krishan kyu nahi hai’


Mumbai, January 8 (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) - Another Kailash Kher soulful song ‘Hai Reham Hai Karam’ from movie "Lakshmi - A story of Hope, Courage & Victory". The song will instantly take you to the situations prevailing in our society with Kailash Kher’s unique amalgamation of soul stirring voice and profound simple lyrics of the song will leave you wonder about the current scenario of women in our society.

Normally, Kailash Kher’s songs are very philosophical, connecting to the supreme power but this time he is trying the put forth the imbalance that exists between the two, supposed to be, parallel driving force of our society – male and female. The simple lyrics like ‘Hak se jine ka hak kar u adaa’ which means that let the woman survive on their own choices and will. 

The song brings forth the fact that each exists in the other and each needs the other to exist. The line were Kailash sings ‘Sab me radha kahi, sita kahi hai, Par kisi me woh ram, krishan kyu nahi hai,’ shows the disproportion existence in our society.