Salman Khan relives the magic of SHOLAY in 3D


Mumbai, January 3 ( Washington Bangla Radio, USA) - Sholay 3D, the revival of the cult classic in 3D, is out in cinemas, and there’s no Indian who would want to miss watching this super-hit movie in theatres. Superstar Salman Khan too, took opportunity to relive the magic of Sholay.

Needless to say, the actor thoroughly enjoyed the 3D experience and was awe-struck by the flawless performances.Salman also shared his excitement with over 5.5 million followers, as he tweeted expressing his delight. 

While every Indian has undoubtedly watched Sholay, the new generation has missed the chance to watch the legendary film in cinemas. Sholay Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Pen India Pvt. Ltd. have collaborated with Ketan Mehta’s Maya Digital Studios to create the 3D version of this cult classic, which is out in cinemas now.