Naamte Naamte (2013) Bangla Movie Preview: Struggle of the Bengali Middle Class

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Kolkata, Jan 30, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali Film-maker Rana Basu is known for his work with documentary films and is now ready with his feature-film  ‘Naamte Naamte’ based on the story ‘Traata’ by Dibyendu Palit.

Listen to the title song of Naamte Naamte (Bengali, 2013) by Anupam Roy and Sidhu

The film revolves around a middle class family of middle-aged parents and their two children. It focuses on the apprehensions and hardships of a quintessential Bengali family.

The character of Ananda is the man of the house – he works as a clerk with at a government office.  His wife Seema is a home-maker. Their daughter Dolon attends college and son Suman is a 9th grader at Ramkrishna Mission Ashram school. They live in a rental property at the edge of the city.

Ananda is submissive and non-confrontational in nature and tends to easily give in. Seema, however, is a strong-willed woman not afraid to challenge misdeeds.

There is a local club named Yubak Sangha whose members carry out various anti-social activities under the garb of being social workers and saviors of the neighborhood. The leader of this bunch of strongmen is Ganesh Haldar also known as Tota.

The club makes disproportionate demands of Ananda for donations towards social events like a Puja and a blood donation camp. When Ananda is unable to meet their demand, he is roughed up.  Tota even visits their house and makes his malevolence clear in Ananda's absence.

Soon Seema does not want to live in that neighborhood any more. Their daughter Dolon cannot avoid the roving eyes of Tota and his thugs. Their relationship with their land-lord sours to such an extent that there water supply is cutoff by the land-lord. Ananda also dreams of owning his own small house. He chances upon a newspaper advertisement of a Goverment Housing program but soon realizes he needs political connections to avail of the opportunity.

In another development, Ananda and Seema look for a private tutor for Dolon and identify a young man named Sudeb for the job. Despite Seema's misgivings, Ananda reaches out to Tota for a background check of Sudeb, and Tota clears Sudeb for the task. However, Sudeb and Dolon end up having sex unaware that Seema is watching. Seema is devastated, and Sudeb is fired but not before some heated exchanges between Seema and Sudeb. The usually diminutive Ananda works himself into a frenzy of rage and fear, and again reaches out to Tota who offers him assurance but also asks that Dolon visit the club. What happens next forms the climax of the film.

The cast of Namte Namte consists of some of the most powerful actors in the contemporary Kolkata Bangla movie industry. Ananda is portrayed by Rajatava Dutta. Roopa ganguly plays Seema.  Saswata Chatterjee plays Tota / Ganesh Halder. Bhaswar Chatterjee essays Sudeb and Tollywood newcomer Sanchita plays Dolon.

Presented by Gautam Kundu and produced by Pritam Kundu under the banner of 3 e Dots, the screen-play is written by Aditi Majumdar while Sidhu of Cactus fame is in charge of music direction. He debuts as music director with this film.

Namte Namte has a release date of Feb 8, 2013.

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