Nusrat Bharucha - Kartik Tiwari in AKAASH VANI (2013) Wakeup Call for Forced Marriages in India: Hindi Movie Review

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Kolkata, Jan 29, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Most Indian parents try to marry off their children according to their own wish on the pretext of the fact that ‘Parents want the best for their children and they always find the best match possible’. But do that really happen to them after marriage?

Luv Ranjan’s latest movie ‘Akash Vaani’ is a emotional take on the serious issue of forced marriage and the consequences that follow.

Akaash (Kartik Tiwari) is a guy from Chandigarh who is just like any other urban lad of his age who like to have fun. Vaani (Nusrat Barucha) is from Dehradun and she retains the characteristics of the traditional Indian woman. They meet at their college in Delhi and instantly fall for each other. They spend their college years riding a vehicle of love that one can best dream of. But they cannot live their dream for too long.

Vaani’s parents arrange her elder sister’s marriage but the bride runs away with her lover, precisely at the midst of the wedding ceremony. This led to infinite embarrassment for Vaani’s parents and the shame and agony they had to face in front of society was unbearable. So when they began to arrange for the marriage of their younger daughter Vaani, Vaani stays quiet about her affair with Akaash  as she felt it will be too much to bear for their already frustrated parents.

Thus she decided to sacrifice her love for the sake of her parents and breaks up with Akaash over a phone call. She goes in the marriage which was never destined to be a happy one. She does get a decent husband Ravi(Sunny singh Nijjar) but he is not the most sensible person when it comes to understanding one’s heart. Ravi just reacts to his testosterone rush without realisng what her wife really wants. This leads to a sort of thing which is known as ‘Marital-Rape’. And very predictably Akaash re-enters Vaani’s life and their romance is revived. What happens to the married life of Vaani and her lover Akaash is what the rest of the film has in store.

The film is ridiculously long with some unnecessary over-treated sequences. A few sequences are visual delight but is too portrait-perfect to be true. Seeming to come from a patiently painted picture, the sequences reminded us of the highly un-realistic set up of the film ‘Sawaariya’. But thanks to the realistic plot, those sequences end up to be contrast making tools which work in favour of the film.

After the very successful movie ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’ director Luv Ranjan recasts the two leads in this film. Both of them live to his expectations and delivers wonderful performances. Nusrat as the pretty ladylove and later helpless housewife carries no shade of her frivolous character seen in the film ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’. Kartik too deserves a lot of appreciation but he has a bit less to contribute than Nusrat around whom the film mainly deals with. Sunny as Vaani’s husband is just lukewarm and no one expect one to be hot in an extended cameo. The rest of the cast which includes the friends of the lead pair and Vaani’s parents fits the bill.

The director has again proved his worth by sketching a harsh reality of Indian society which can be an eye opener for many biased parents. But the editor could have dumped a few shots to make the story crispier and devoid the audience from yawning.

If anyone who loves fresh faces and emotional roller-coaster, he or she would feel that this movie is made for him or her only. But anyone too soft at heart or who bear an emotional overdrive are requested to keep a hanky and if possible ‘a shoulder to cry on’ handy while going for this movie.

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