BLACKMAIL hits Kolkata

Blackmail (2013) Indian Bangla Movie Review Poster Wallpaper

Kolkata, Jan 25, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) The new Kolkata Bangla movie Blackmail is about action, suspense, betrayal and love. As the name suggests the story is all about blackmailing for some hidden facts. But in the climax it will be disclosed what was the reason behind blackmailing, and audience will come to know about the identity of the blackmailer only at the climax. The film is directed by Surya Saha. He also has written the screenplay of the film. Under the Banner Mutual Film, this film is being  produced by Raj Kumar Saha and Sushmita Saha. The film is based on the story by Tapan Bhattacharya and he has himself written the dialogues for this film. Another interesting part of the film is that the upcoming music director of the Tollywood film industry Dev Sen, who has the recent record of delivering hit music like in the films Awaara and Dewaana  will be composing music for the movie.

This movie will be featuring actor Rohan Bhattacharya (WBRi Interview) as the hero. Rohan who wass seen as the protagonist in the film Om Shanti, directed by Satabdi Roy, will have two female leads opposite to him in this film. One is noted actress Arunima Ghosh and other one is Nimisha Deya Sarkar (WBRi Interview). Rohan Bhattacharya will be seen playing a character of rough and tough cop in the film Blackmail, who hates chime. Here he will be portraying the role of Sourav Chatterjee, known for his unforgiving attitude to those immoral parties who place the peaceful society at a stake. He is a man of principle and has no mercy for crime. As a responsible police inspector anytime without any fear he enters by force to the dens of those devils and can beat dozen of hooligans in a single hand. But suddenly romance enters into the life of this tough persona. Audiences get to go through some nail biting moments watching so many terrific fighting sequences in the film. As Rohan in real life apart from reel life has been well trained in martial arts and maintains his physique by working out in gyms for long hours; so both of these extracurricular activities have helped him a lot in shaping up his macho outlook for the character.

Other than Rohan, both of the ladies Nimisha and Arunima have quite strong background to be chosen in the leads. Nimisha is basically a model turned actor. She was into modelling professionally for a while and winning a reality television contest opened her way to the showbiz and success. As a newcomer her first movie was ‘Koyekti Meyer Golpo’ under the direction of Subrata Sen which disclosed a new success story for Nimisha. In ‘Blackmail’ she projects herself in a bold manner, and shares some sizzling chemistry with Rohan involving some very hot kissing scenes which are pretty challenging. As her role depicts she entraps the cop in an extra marital affair. Then she starts blackmailing her boyfriend after an unreal car accident of her.

Arunima here plays the role of the wife of cop Sourav. Because of some unavoidable misunderstandings between them, their married life gets bitter. In the meantime the entry of a second woman in her husband’s life makes her life miserable and she files divorce case against his husband. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Blackmail released on 25th January 2013. Watch the trailer.

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