Jeet in Ironman Avatar Oppsite Srabanti in DEEWANA (2013): Bengali Movie Review

Jeet - Shrabonti in Deewana (2013)

Kolkata, Jan 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Ek sentence-e kotha shesh, dhor tokta mar perek": once again the wondrous dialogue by N.K Salil got the audience to cheer when uttered by Jeet in his latest Indian Bangla movie Dewaana. The packed theater erupted as Jeet executed the words he spoke, literally beating up thugs like they were drums.

Directed by Ravi Kinagi, the Kolkata Bangla movie sees Jeet getting paired with the gorgeous Srabanti - a duo which have delivered a string of box office successes.

A remake of the 2007 south Indian Tamil-language action-romance flick ‘Deepavali’ directed by Ezhil starring  Jayam Ravi and Bhavana, Diwana, true to the title, is the story of a man who falls madly in love with a girl and at any cost wants the girl in his life.

Abhi (Jeet) is a son of a very influential and respected person (Bishwajit Chakrabarty) and hails from Phoolbari in picturesque North Bengal. He falls in love at first sight with a bubbly girl Shruti (Srabanti) who comes to spend her vacation in Phoolbari at a relative’s house. Their bonding gets stronger steadily.

Although Srabanti enjoys Abhi’s company, she fears of losing him, being a daughter of a dreaded mafia boss Agnidev Roy (Bharat Kaul) who can go at any length to terminate the relationship. But she overcomes her dread and Abhi asks her the "will you marry me" question.

Things get more interesting with Abhi coming to know of Shruti's PTSD condition following a traumatic event, resulting in Shruti not remembering the last three years of her life. The condition is treatable, but when Shruti is cured, she will not remember her Phoolbari visit or Abhi.

Abhi, of course, wishes Shruti a full recovery. Shruti does her part before the treatment by appealing to her father, who then goes all out to stop the relationship and gets Abhi beaten up and left to die.

Abhi miraculously survives and embarks on a mission to rescue his sweetheart from a forced marriage. But when Abhi reaches Shruti, she cannot recognize him as predicted by doctors after recovery from PTSD. Abhi is brutally beaten up again by Agnidev. Abhi does not give up, and keeps trying to make Shruti remember him. Watch the film to find out what happens to Shruti and Abhi.

Director Ravi Kinagi did not improvise much with the narrative process and the story is presented in a quite conventional manner, making critical acclaim doubtful. What saves the film, however, are the acting performances.

Jeet is superb in portraying his character. He successfully spellbinds the audience with his magical and heroic element. His powerful chemistry with Srabanti, especially in some romantic sequences, is outstanding. Srabanti also has done well in her role. Biswajit Chakrabarty’s portrayal of a strong yet good person is notable too. But the character which the audience would love to hate is Bharat Kaul's  rough, furious and brutal essaying of bad man Agnidev Roy. Bharat Kaul first caught everyone's eyes with his portrayal of the cop named Rajesh Arora in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. His acting prowess is in full display in Deewana.

Other than the acting, the choice of the shooting locations is another thing to watch out for. Cinematography and editing by Mohan Verma and Mohammad Kalam respectively are more than adequate.

Above all these elements, what really makes Diwana appreciable and romantic is the music. After ‘Awara’, Dev Sen once again is the man behind the great music. The title track performed by newcomer Prasenjit Mullik is likely to make every young Bengali man just realizing the vibes of true love a ‘Deewana’. Priyo Chattopadhyay has done an awesome job as the lyricist of this song.

The song ‘Jege Achi’ is also loveable. The new trend of imposition of Hindi language in Bengali songs is arguably doing well popularizing trendy soulful melodious numbers. Dev Sen is another rising star of the Tollywood Bengali film industry.

The film is a complete entertainer and can be watched for many excuses. Being a fan of Jeet and Srabanti, lover of action films, or a lover of the southern breeze (read Bengali remake of South Indian film buffs) are some of those.

Watch the video song of the Deewana title track.

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