‘Quick Change Illusion’ shows at opening ceremony of BPL-T20

Natalie (left) and Eli holding official BPL-T20 placard while performing
Natalie (left) and Eli holding the official placard of BPL-T20 while performing

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jan 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) On the occasion of the opening ceremony of BPL-T20 an attractive stage gala show organized by the management and main attraction of that event was world’s renowned award winning Quick Change Illusion show by Natalie and Eli the magic queen from Switzerland. The quick change artist change 36 different costumes within 10 minutes and make the entire stage like a garden of flowers, it was something different from that entire entertainment show which made the 25 thousand audiences spellbound around the stadium.

Natalie (left) and Eli performing there Quick- Change Illusions
Natalie (left) and Eli performing there Quick- Change Illusions

Retonio, the CEO of Dream factory, which is a Magic Firm in Switzerland, remarked on this behalf, that ‘the experience was awesome and quite unique. Normally we perform Theatre or Auditorium based close-to-the-audience kind of performances, which was not possible here due to the distance between the stage and the galleries. But I hope that the audiences have enjoyed the show, as there were some big screens around.’ Natalie and Eli in their remarks said that ‘normally we perform our illusions with lot of flowers and in very trendy and classy colorful dresses. This was the first tour ever made by this team outside Europe, especially in Bangladesh. But we hope to visit Bangladesh again in next November.’

Other national reputed artist Runa Laila, Momtaz, James and exclusive dance performance by the stars artist presented the seven districts of BPL team. Atif and Jakilin from India also perform in that event which is finish by grand fireworks display.