MUMBAI MIRROR (2013) Review: A Feast for Bollywood Action Lovers

Still from Bollywood film Mumbai Mirror
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An immoral but a daring cop, a tough villain, sizzling girls dancing without warning , weighty dialogues and of course power-packed action: all these are reflected  (probably for the hundredth time) in the Ankush Bhatt  directed Indian Hindi movie ‘Mumbai Mirror’. The film is literally a mirror in which films like ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Dabbang’, ‘Singham’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and others are reflected in some way or other.

Abhijit Patil (Sachin Joshi) is a tough corrupt cop who takes bribes and drugs with equal intensity, sleeps around with women, gambles and does almost every wrong thing possible. Yes, its ‘almost all’ because he never hurts a woman and neither lets anyone do so. Abhijit’s immorality and the one high morality is the effect of his dysfunctional family as his alcoholic father used to abuse his mother. But he has his uncle Gaintod (Mahesh Manjerekar) propping him up. His uncle is an ACP with the police force and his patronage boosts Abhijit’s recklessness.

He soon gets into a face-off with the dreaded don Shetty (Prakash Raj) when he closes one of his shady dance bars. Shetty is one of the biggest fish in the drugs mafia of Mumbai and he runs his drug racket behind the cover of the dance bars.  And the usual procedures begin. The villain does everything he is expected to. Sending goons, threatening, using the nexus with other corrupt officials and every other thing one can say appropriate for the typical action film villain.

The hero too does everything he is expected to. He beats the goons to pulps, delivers counter dialogues and threats. Also both the poles have ice in their life in the form of two beautiful ladies.

Crime Reporter Jiah (Vimala Raman) is Abhijit’s sweetheart while Rani (Gihana Khan) makes Shetty  a ‘not so lonely’ Don. The rest of the film goes through numerous dance number, romantic numbers, sequences of action and corruption to reveal what happens to the protagonist and the antagonist. Well, the genre of the film reveals a lot and makes it more than predictable.

Director Ankush Bhatt - another ‘Bhatt’ on the rise - has attempted to deliver a realistic film but does he remember another reality? That one should use cliched plots, real or unreal, with superstars only. The director should have realized that he cannot sell similarly designed hats at same price while the other hats are branded ones. One more point: if he loves the game of chess he should play it himself at his leisure. If the audience loved it’s use in Ankush's previous film ‘Bhindi Baazar’, they will see the antagonist’s too much engagement with the game as a highly irritating factor.

Sachin Joshi has done justice to his role as it is definitely not his fault that he does not bear the surname of ‘Khan’, ‘Kumar’ or even ‘Devgn’. His effort deserves appreciation.

Practice makes things perfect and that has happened with Prakash Raj. After so many similar (or rather identical) roles he does not need to roll himself even an inch to portray such an antagonist. May god keep away from him the hangover of the typified role.

The ladies had nothing mentionable to do in the film. But the supporting cast are really impressive. Mahesh Manjerakar adds some ‘colorful’ grey touches to the story. Sudesh Berry as the CBI officer may not be the reflection of every person from Bihar, but surely he is fun to watch and funnier to listen to, especially when he speaks in English (‘kyarrect Ingliss’ very often). Aditya Pancholi also has spared a bit of time as the betting kingpin ‘Lala’ but one cannot bet on his character to have much of an impact.

Sachin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror
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There are songs of almost all kinds and they are really good. The songs give one occasional relief and one gets to restore energy during the songs to take in the following dialogues and action.

Overall ‘Mumbai Mirror’ is a film which is a must-watch for all action lovers, but if one does not have too much love for Bollywood action films, happily avoiding looking at this mirror is not to be regretted.

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