Shunno Anko: A film by Goutam Ghose (preview)

English: Goutam Ghose

English: Goutam Ghose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calcutta, Jan 19, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Shunyo Awnko, the latest film by ace Indian film-maker Goutam Ghose is a journey of different issues like insurgency, illegal trespassing and fake battles. The film has half a dozen main characters and through their flashbacks, the film is carried forward.

Priyanshu Chatterjee has been cast as the male lead. He will be seen as Agni Bose, a corporate boss. Priyanka Bose, who made news for her role in the controversial film ‘Gangnor’ will be playing his wife Jhilik. Jhilik, the free-spirited girl was an air hostess. In the film it will be seen that Agni and Jhilik meet in a flight and the meeting leads to a love affair. They get married after sometime.

But the marriage dos not remain a happy one in spite of sacrificing much to make the marriage work. She soon finds herself in a state of confusion and turmoil. Many political factors come into play and make things worse for her.

Priyangshu after a no-show in Bollywood is trying to revive himself in Bengali cinema. After ‘Paanch Adhaya’ he will be looking forward to another successful film. Also the last time he worked with Goutam Ghosh (in Moner Manush) it was a dream venture for him as the film, powered by superb performances by Prosenjit and a unbelievable direction by Goutam Ghosh, broke many boundaries and grabbed many awards across the globe. This time, unlike Moner Manush, all will focus on Priyangshu.

The film will also stars Konkona Sen Sharma in an important role of Raka - an entertainment journalist. In the film it will be seen that Konkona, a graduate from a reputed School of Social Sciences of Mumbai, starts writing for a popular tabloid. Konkona  played the role of an entertainment journalist in super successful Bollywood flick ‘Page 3’. In the course of the film, she switches from entertainment to investigative reporting in tribal belts dealing with human rights stories.

Soumitra Chatterjee plays Murphy - a retired scientist of the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre. He hails from an aristocratic Muslim family. Lolita Chatterjee will play his better half.

In addition, Dhritiman Chatterjee and Arijit Dutta appear in pivotal roles.

Produced by Goutam Kundu under the banner of Rose valley films, the film promises breathtaking shots across various landscapes. The cinematography has been done by Goutam Ghose himself, in addition to the story and the screenplay. Samaresh Majumdar also gave some inputs to the screenplay. Somnath Pakhre will look after Art Direction.

With this film, the director wants to throw light on the inner conflicts of ethnic violence and the anxiety in the minds of the people over security and peace. The country is often split up into factions and divisions which does not help in harmonious living.

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