Debojyoti Mishra Turns Singer for "Ami Saira Banu" Bangla Movie

Debojyoti Mishra recording Aya Hain Re Dekho Chand Ka Tukda Mera for Ami Saira Banu Bengali film

Kolkata, Jan 19, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Noted composer and music director Debojyoti Mishra recently stepped into the shoes of a singer by recording  a song for the upcoming Indian Bangla movie ‘Ami Saira Banu’ directed by debutant Rahul Mukherjee.

Divulging the subject matter of the Kolkata Bangla movie, Mishra told WBRi, "The film is about the marginalized eunuchs of our society who are neglected. We - self acclaimed decent people - draw a line between those people and us. I am very surprised on the way Rahul has sketched the storyline with these characters. Belonging to a different world these people do not have the right to elect administrative candidates and are deprived of cultural and developmental support of our society. But they also do have a life, with love and passion as parts of their existence. The unique characteristics of the film ,I believe, will lead it into creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of it's audience."

Genetically inclined to music as the son of Pandit Janhabiranjan Mishra, this is the first time he will be heard as a vocalist. He said about trying his vocal abilities, "It was not my decision to lend my voice for this film. Till date I have instructed and moulded my singers at the recording studios. At the time of the film ‘Raincoat’ director Ritu [Rituparno Ghosh] wanted me to sing the beautiful number ‘Piya tora Kayisa Abhiman’ which was performed by Hariharan. Also during the making of ‘Titli’ the director wanted me to sing but I insisted Srikanta Acharya use his melodious voice. This time Rahul was very firm in that I sing the soft number ‘kaise yeh ratiyan’ in his film and I gave in."

"Ami Saira Banu is the debut film by the director Rahul Mukherjee, which is going to be quite different from other mainstream movies and I bet no film-maker has worked on this subject before. The story of the film is by the director himself’’, added Mishra.

Mishra is well-known for his minimalist classical compositions. While recording and humming the song ‘Kaiyse Yeh Ratiyaan’ and playing it on his guitar, he explained the meaning of the song which goes like this: “Love, passion, desire, all of these elements are considered to be the meaning of living everyone’s life and these people are no exception. But the social barriers and stigmas choke their sensitivities and aspirations to death. Here I intended to express the journey of their lives and at last the regret and pain for building castles in the air.”

Debojyoti Mishra recording

"The music of this film along with the background score are my dedication to those people without hurting anyone's feelings and who I do not want to be socially secluded. They also have contributions to our society", Mishra said at the recording.

Debojyoti Mishra recording Aya Hain Re Dekho Chand Ka Tukda Mera for Ami Saira Banu Bengali film

Debojyoti Mishra recording Aya Hain Re Dekho Chand Ka Tukda Mera for Ami Saira Banu Bengali film

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