RGV's "The Attacks of 26/11" Official Trailer and Poster

Film Poster: The Attacks of 26/11

Mumbai, Jan 17, 2013 (Washington  Bangla Radio) 26/11 Will Never be Forgotten. Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming directorial venture ‘The Attacks of 26/11’ released its new trailer in an event held at PVR Cinemas. Starring Nana Patekar, the movie is produced by Alumbra Entertainment and Eros International. Director Ram Gopal Varma and the producers were present for the launch of the trailer.

The two minute long trailer provides an insight of 26/11, when 9 trained terrorists held Mumbai hostage for 60 hours spreading terror in the city. The promo hits hard and Ram Gopal Varma’s camera angles provide an edge to it. The shlok and the background score gives goose bumps each time you watch the trailer. Parag Sanghavi, the producer, said, “The film is a tribute to the sentiments of the people of India and especially to the heroes and victims of 26/11.”

A seven-minute preview of the opening sequence of the film has been previously released that you can watch on WBRi.

Director Ram Gopal Varma believes that this movie gives a soulful insight as the emotional interpretation of the actual story behind the attacks. There is lot of curiosity about the movie and people are particularly looking forward to Nana Patekar’s role. The newly released trailer offers a glimpse of what happened during those 60 long hours when Mumbai was held hostage. The promo has created quite a stir on digital platforms and has audiences energetically talking about the same.

Watch the trailer of The Attacks of 26/11.