CZ 12 (Chinese Zodiac 12) Review

Chinese Zodiac CZ 12 PosterKolkata, India, Jan 9, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Jackie Chan is back with his latest film CZ 12(Chinese Zodiac 12). And the movie is indeed his only. The film which opened in India on 4th January, two weeks later after worldwide release, Jackie Chan claims half of the credits as he is the director, screenwriter, producer, executive producer, cinematographer, art director to name a few. And of course he is the lead actor in the film.

The plot of the film finds resemblance to the films from ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Armour of God’ franchisee. As Jackie Chan was the protagonist of the latter movie franchisee, one may, while watching the movie, make a mistake that this movie is another extension of that franchisee.

Twelve bronze heads got stolen from Summer Palace of China during opium war. The heads which consisted of Snake, Rooster, Rat, Horse, Dog, Dragon, Ox, Monkey, Pig,Tiger, Rabbit and Ram and all of resembles Chinese zodiacs.  Years later those antic pieces are reported to be in auctions around the world.

Jackie Chan who is known as ‘Asian Hawk’ and also as ‘JC’ is an infamous antique thief is summoned by a millionare businessman (Oliver Platt) who deals with the best antiques of the world. When assigned with the mission of collecting the heads for the dealer, he sets out with his team to find them out. He is told that the Dragon head is the most precious.  They set out in search of the antiques. They come across royal guards, pirates, and local inhabitants. A number of fight ensued and almost equal numbers of chase game are also seen. What happens to JC and his team during the mission and what is the outcome of all the pain taken for the findings of the antiques is revealed in the climax.

Jackie Chan tries to bring the old flavor of his fighting style with that trademark dose of humour infused in them but it becomes clear that age is catching up with the icon. The film also tries to focus all attention to Jackie Chan only, of course a desperate attempt to prove that he is not that old to rekindle his old flame. But the 58 years old icon is only to bank upon his strong brand value and loyal fan base that he has build over years. The film is too full of jerks and the presentation of the films bears a strange kind of irritating twitch.

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Anyhow the film is obviously the ultimate treat for Jackie Chan Fans. The film has broken the world record of most number of stunts done by a single person in a film. And that is of course none other than the Kung-fu master himself. The techniques used are the best in the world. The only thing missing is perhaps a neat story which could have kept the audience in their seats without giving them ‘when would it end?’ sort of feelings. But with so much actions and drama, do the fans care about  the story?

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