Tabla Belly Dance Music Video feat. British Dancer Katie Holland with Indian Tabla Player Abhishek Basu: Releasing Soon

By Priyanka Dutta

Katie Holland
Katie Holland

Kolkata, Jan 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Percussionist and music director Abhishek Basu's experiment with belly dancing to the rhythms of the Tabla will be given form by British danseuse Katie Holland.

Katie Holland and Abhishek Basu
Tomojyoti Mukherjee of Rooh Music (left), Abhishek Basu and Katie Holland

Holland ( is dancing from the age of three and has studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, African, Samba, Bollywood, Sacred Nepalese, Tribal Fusion, Egyptian Bellydance, Yoga, and Martial Arts. She is currently learning Bharatanatyam. Regarded as one of the best foreign performers in India, Holland is in high demand as a performer, teacher and choreographer for all kinds of events. Watch Katie Holland dancing in her showreel via Youtube:

Rooh Music company of Calcutta actively supports innovative projects like this and is producing the music video of “Tabla-belly dance”. A collaboration like this is believed to be a first in the Indian music industry.

Originating in the middle east, Belly dance is usually performed with live music and drums, and is seen in three styles - cabaret dance (popular in the Western world, and often seen in Indian movies adapted into dance item numbers), folk dance, and classical dance.

Basu conceived of the idea after his successful music album “Jambination Jams”. One of Basu's goals is to popularize the dance form in India, and using the Tabla for the drums is likely to help in that regard. Basu also believes this collaboration does not take away from the individuality of the two very distinct art forms.

The music video was shot at a prominent shopping mall in Rajarhat suburb of Kolkata on Dec 31, 2012 by cinematographer Rana Basu Thakur and his team.

Abhishek Basu and Katie Holland are supported in the production by a host of music artists: Sayantan Bhawmick - vocals, Indradeep Ghosh on electro-classical violin, Jay Bhattacharya on drums, Indrajit Dey on Keytar Synth and Sarthok Chakraborty on bass.

Holland will also be seen performing the sword dance and veil dance in the music video. Basu will be seen playing multiple percussion instruments - Tabla, Pakhawaj, Handsonic, Darbukka (Egyptian drums), Kahon (African drum), Beat Boxing, Konnakol, Mouth percussion, Duff and the Tambourine.

Tabla Belly Dance Music Video Team

The video features music by Jambination Jams and composition by Terminator 10. It is expected to be released shortly.