Saadi Love Story: Who will be Preeti’s prince - Rajvir or Rajvir ?

Rajvir (Diljit Dosanjh) fights Rajvir (Amrinder Gill) for the love of Preeti (Surveen Chawla) in Saadi Love Story (2013) Punjabi Movie

Mumbai, Jan 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Have you ever been confused in life? Have you ever felt that your feelings are very confused about a person? Have you ever waited for something very dearly and when you got it, life took a twist and asked you to make a choice?

Our dear Preeti faces the same dilemma in the Punjabi new movie Saadi Love Story (2013) which is all set for a release date on 11th January.

Preeti’s character is played by Surveen Chawla and in this movie she plays a girl who deeply believes in the constitution of love and like many other she is awaiting the arrival of her prince charming.

But as the saying goes when we are thinking something life has some different plan for us similar happens with Preeti. On one side our pretty Preeti is waiting for her perfect guy and on the other side two guys enter her life and both with similar names.

One is a Singer while other is a photographer. Will the Singer sing his way to Preeti’s heart or the photographer with a quick click? The competition is between Diljit Dosanjh (aka Rajvir) and Amrinder Gill (aka Rajvir).

Preeti dreamt for a perfect guy and now she has to deal with two lovers who will do anything for her. Diljit and Amrinder do things to impress Surveen and in their struggle to make her fall in love with them, certain situations arise which add laugh to the game and at the same time leave a nail biting situation which makes one quiver as to who will  Preeti choose to be the love of her life?

Who’ll win the battle of love Diljit or Amrinder? To know about this you’ll have to hold your breath till the release. Saadi Love Story is a directorial debut of Dheeraj Rattan and this movie is made under the banner of Jimmy Sheirgill Productions and Eros International. The star cast of film includes Diljit Dosanjh, Amrinder Gill, Surveen Chawla and Neetu Singh.

Rajvir V/s Rajvir the battle for love begins. May the best man win!