Mishti Cheler Dushtu Buddhi Review

Aniket at the premiere
Aniket at the premiere

Kolkata, Jan 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Misti Cheler Dustu Buddhi’ is the latest Indian Bengali comedy movie which is inspired by the Hollywood series of ‘Home Alone’ films.

Directed by Partha Sarathi Manna, the film depicts a hilarious story of three burglars attempting to rob the house of a wealthy family when the family goes out on a two day vacation to a popular beach destination. Their attempt gets unexpected resistance from the seven years old kid of the family. 

The film starts with parallel portrayals of backgrounds of the burglars and the ‘Mitra’ family whose residence becomes the target of the gang (the head of the family Pradosh Mitra shares his name with Feluda!). Lead burglar Kalicharan has a lover Priya (Anjana Das) with whom he wants to settle down and thus needs money. Banka and Puti, the two other partners in crime, also need money to send back home. So they decide to pull off a big heist, targeting the house of the wealthy Mitras.

The domestic helper of ‘Mitra house’ connives with the gang and passes information on about the whole family planning to be away for two days. But at the last moment the seven years old boy Shom stays back at home with his grandfather as the boys’s examinations were not over yet.

The intelligent and mischievous kid comes up with innovative ideas of resistance when it comes down to him to defend his house. How he fights back and torments the burglars is to be watched and enjoyed on the silver screen.

The director has used many elements to make a difference. The semi item dance number, the black and white romantic number, the unique looks of the burglars and all the sincere efforts to make people laugh work to some extent, in spite of some comedy sequences pushing it and the mannerism of the actors occasionally betraying too much effort .

Obviously sequences like getting stuck to the home with  adhesive, and fainting for a whole night after tripping on marbles, are not intended to portray reality but are to be taken in the spirit of the film.

Senior and experienced actor Abhishekh Chatterjee has essayed the role of the leader of the burglars. His two accomplices, played by Bhola Tammang and Prasun Gain, are also well-known for their ability of pulling off comic roles with a great sense of timing. Bhola Tammang has tried to use his weight as an asset and shaking those pounds may appear funny to some. Prasun’s voice was doctored in the film to add extra humor to his character, which mostly worked but betrays poor dubbing.

Abhishek has tried hard to carry the film on his shoulder but the plot does not make him the hero, and the script does not offer him anything extraordinary either.

Aniket Seth, the child artist playing the role of Shom, can be considered the  protagonist of the film and has performed well. With proper training and guidance he can make it big in the industry.

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The songs are forgettable. ‘Murgi chor’ tries to make it as a dance number. The remaining songs call for immense effort for longer retention in the mind. The sudden appearance of Hiran in one of the songs is interesting, but unlikely to be a selling point by itself. Hiran appears as a stranger who tries to buddy up with the kid. But the director should have remembered that he had shown the picture of the ‘chocolate Hero’ more than once at the ‘Mitra’ household before.

Overall the film is watchable with some conditions, including being a die hard Kolkata Bengali movie fan, having irresistible attraction for comedy films and not minding spending the time watching the film at a theater near you.

- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)