Mishti Cheler Dushtu Buddhi (2013) Bangla Comedy Movie Opens in Kolkata with Premiere at Basusree Cinema

Nupur, Partha Sarathi Mannna, Bhola Tamang, Abhishekh Chatterjee and Prasun Gain
Nupur, Partha Sarathi Mannna, Bhola Tamang, Abhishekh Chatterjee and Prasun Gain

Kolkata, Jan 7, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) The new Bengali comedy movie ‘Misti Cheler Dustu Buddhi’ opened on 4th January with a grand premiere at Basusree Cinema Hall in the city. The cast and crew of the film gathered at the movie theatre which was specially decorated for the premiere.

Master Aniket Seth - Bengali Child Actor
Master Aniket Seth

The film is about an attempted burglary and the resistance three burglars face from the seven year old kid of the house. The three actors Abhishekh Chatterjee, Bhola Tamang and Prasun Gain who played the burglars were present at the premiere, humoring requests for autographs from members of the audience.

Abhishekh Chatterjee, the senior actor who has been serving Kolkata Bangla movie industry for over two decades, was sporting a brick-red jacket and looked pretty young for his age. Bhola Tamang looked cool in a blue t-shirt worn with an ash-colored jacket. It seemed Prasun Gain had chosen a ‘macho’ look in a dark jacket and sporting a fashionable stubble.

Abhishekh, who is known for his deep and serious roles, when asked about his thoughts on appearing in a comedy film, said “I have done many comic roles on stage. The stage plays, theater and ‘Jatras’ all have been successful and my comic roles have been appreciated by all. Comedy roles are one of the most difficult to enact. It is not easy to make people laugh. I hope this film makes the audience smile and they love it.”

The actor, who was being accompanied by his better half, looked confident of making a mark with the film.

Child artist Aniket Seth who plays the protagonist of the film was all excited about the attention he was getting from every one. The boy seemed to be enjoying every moment of his fame, giving bytes to the media and interacting with the audience in a way that would appear like he had years of experience in doing so. The bright kid looked brighter in a funky white outfit.

Bhola Tamang, Abhishekh Chatterjee and Prasun Gain
Bhola Tamang, Abhishekh Chatterjee and Prasun Gain

Aniket, who was accompanied by his parents, also surely had a good time at his first premiere. He revealed he is playing the role of the son of a woman essayed by actress Rituparna Sengupta in his next movie.

Bhola Tamang and Prasun Gain
Bhola Tamang and Prasun Gain

Also present at the premiere was producer turned actor Nupur, as well as Partha Sarathi Manna, the director of the Indian Bangla new movie. Both of them played hosts as they ushered guests in demonstrating gracious hospitality.

George Baker, another veteran actor from the Tollywood Bengali film industry, was also spotted at the premiere.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

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