Maach, Mishti & More (2013) An Exploration of the Bengali Mind (WBRi Bangla Movie Review)

Raima Sen in Maach Mishti & More
Raima Sen (Picture from Facebook)

Kolkata, Jan 6, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) The new Bengali feature film ‘Maach,Misti and More’ (মাছ মিষ্টি & More) by young film-maker Mainak Bhowmick is about three brothers of a Kolkata-based Bengali family. The film explores the complexities of relationships and human emotions.

Rahul, Roni and Raj are three brothers who have their own crises in life to deal with. Rahul (Shouvick Kundargrami) is the eldest and has just returned from the United States, having quit his comfortable job to pursue his dream of starting his own business, specifically a restaurant. He wants to be a master chef too. His wife Reena (Swastika Mukherjee), however, finds it difficult to adapt to life in Kolkata with her in-laws. Soon, Rahul dedicates himself to his work and a “special friend” June (Pamela Singh Bhutoria), and starts neglecting his wife.

Roni (Parambrata Chatterjee) works with a corporate house and dreams of climbing high on the corporate ladder. He is in a relationship with Swati (Rachita), the daughter of a rich non-Bengali businessman. Swati has fixed the date of their wedding without consulting him but he feels he is not ready for marriage. But Swati has already made significant advancements in wedding arrangements, and Roni feels pressurized but unable to communicate. This is when Ishani (Raima Sen), his friend from college days who runs a Reiki and Yoga Center, starts to make him comfortable.

Raju (Anubrata Basu) - the youngest brother - considers himself to be the wisest. This aspiring actor does not believe in permanency of relationships. Seeking privacy, he looks for an apartment to rent, but finds it difficult as interest in renting to a young bachelor is low. He soon meets Neha (Neha Panda) and falls in love with her.

Soumitra Chatterjee as the grandfather of the three brothers is the coolest grandpa they could have. He believes in living to the fullest and ignores advice given him by doctors, eating street food at will. He meets a bubbly girl named Sunny (Parno Mitra) who is in love with a guy but unable to express her feelings to him.

The film goes on to depict the story of what happens in the lives of these characters and what they realizes in their respective relationships.

Mainak Bhowmick has delivered an awesome story and he has segued deep into the mindset of typical Bengalis. His treatment of every single character deserves fullest appreciation. He has been backed by fabulous performances by the actors.

Parambrata as the confused lover and Shouvick as the guy back from the U.S. have done commendable jobs. But Anubrata Basu as Raju stands out with great body language and emoting skills. Parno also makes a mark with her loveable cameo.

Apart from great acting performances, it is the script which makes the film so bright. It holds the long list of characters tightly together and makes every character equally important.

The beginning of 2013 could not have been better for the Indian Bangla Movie industry. Maach, Mishti & More is easily in the list of remarkable Kolkata Bangla movies of the year.

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