Tollywood Hero Jeet Dances with Baba Yadav at Dance Extravaganza in Kolkata

By Priyanka Dutta

Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bengali Hero Jeet and Baba Yadav at Dance Extravaganza
JEET and Baba Yadav

Kolkata, Jan 5, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Dance Extravaganza 2013, a dance performance by the Dance Studio of famous choreographer Baba Yadav which was held at Gyan Manch on the 3rd of January, 2013 saw the breathtaking performances of Baba Yadav and his students. A host of celebrities from the Tollywood with whom the choreographer has worked in numerous films also graced the occasion. Sponsored by a Resort located at a popular beach destination and the Baba Yadav Dance Studio, the program also saw the presence of the guardians of the students who learn dance at his dancing school.

Baba Yadav Dance Studio Extravaganza Calcutta

Baba Yadav Dance studio initially started in Delhi. After that the studio opened its branch in Kolkata consisting of a small room. In a period of one and a half year, the school has grown to such an extent that there are now multiple batches for the students. The choreographer plans to open twelve more schools in the country.

On being asked about the talent resource in the city, he was very appreciative and said that there is ample talent in the city and they just need to be guided. That is the exact thing he plans to do in his dance schools. When questioned whether there is any difference between the Mumbai film industry and Bengal film industry in terms of dancing, he said that he feel both is at par with each other. In some cases, Tollywood has gone a step ahead of the Bollywood films. He cited the example of the dance sequence in the film ‘Challenge 2’. The budget of making the sequence alone was Sixty five lakhs rupees.

The program started with the formal opening speech by Shashi Panja, an eminent politician and Dr. Prasoon Ghosh, a well known doctor. Shashi Panja showered praise for the young choreographer who has been helping kids to learn the various dance forms at his dance studio. Dr. Ghosh on the other hand wished the audience a healthy new year and expressed his gratitude for being asked to grace the occasion. The lighting ceremony accomplished by Baba Yaadav, Piu and Mainak Banerjee who initially thought of starting this academy in Kolkata for the dance enthusiasts.

After the program was formally started, the students performed the Ganesh Bandhana by dancing to a song from the film ‘Agneepath’ (Shree Ganesh Deva). After the performance, Tollywood actor Jeet came upon stage and he showered heaps of praises for the choreographer who has choreographed him in many films. He even recalled his first film with Baba Yadav which was ‘Bandhan’. Describing himself as a man of the Deol family and having two left feet, Jeet expressed his gratitude for the way the choreographer guided him with the dance steps in the films. Jeet, on the request of the audience, danced with Baba Yadav to the title track of his blockbuster film ‘100% Love’.

Baba Yadav Dance Studio Extravaganza Calcutta
Children's Fashion Show

Baba Yadav Dance Studio Extravaganza Calcutta
Performance by Baba Yadav Dance Studio Students

The small kids from the Baba Yadav Dance Studio also performed a fashion show. Some of the kids were accompanied by their mothers. The next surprise came in the form of Ankush, the actor who became immensely popular for his film ‘Idiot’. The actor was himself a part of the Baba Yadav Dance Studio before he became an actor. He credited the choreographer for the grooming sessions that helped him immensely to earn a reputation of a good dancer. The song“Toke hebby lagce”, from the film Idiot which made Ankush highly popular was choreographed by Baba Yadav. The actor delighted the audience by dancing to this song as Baba Yadav also matched steps with his disciple. They even danced to the song “Make some noise for the desi boys” from the Bollywood flick Desi Boyz.

Ankush and Baba Yadav
Ankush and Baba Yadav

The next performance was an act presented by the students and depicted how Baba Yadav choreographs songs during the various shoots.

Film Choreographer Dance Director Baba Yadav
Choreographer and Dance Director Baba Yadav

The choreographer was full of enthusiasm and he often cheered from the audience. The annual program of the Baba Yadav Dance Studio was therefore entertaining and had the right amount of glamor to captivate the minds of the audience.

Film Choreographer Dance Director Baba Yadav

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