Mishti Cheler Dushtu Buddhi (2013) Bengali Movie Preview

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster: Misti Cheler Dustu Buddhi

Kolkata, Jan 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Three burglars are trying to rob a house in which  a seven year old kid is all alone. This is how the plot starts in upcoming Bengali movie “Misti Cheler Dustu Buddhi”.

Inspired by the blockbuster Hollywood franchise ‘Home Alone’, the Indian Bangla movie directed by Partha Sarathi Manna revolves around the wealthy family of the Mitras and three thugs who plan to rob their house.

The smart and mischievous boy is left behind with his septuagenarian Grandfather when the rest of the family goes on a vacation to a Mandarmani beach resort. A domestic helper then colludes with the three thugs  in a plan to steal valuables from the house. The kid fights back with innovative tricks. His grandfather also joins him in protecting their residence

The Kolkata Bangla movie adaptation differs in a few ways from the Hollywood inspiration. The boy is not left behind unintentionally. Also, the characters of the goons are developed with more background about them.

Senior Tollywood actor Abhishekh Chatterjee plays the leader of the burglars while two contemporary Bengali comedy actors Bhola Tamang and Prasun Gain will essay his two buddies. The latter two actors have won much appreciation for a number of comic roles they have played in recent years and have made a reputation for themselves for their understanding of comic timing.

Abhisekh Chatterjee is, of course, also known for humorous roles on film and on live stage theater across Bengal. The three thugs will be seen in funny looks which they have never been seen in before.

Child actor Ankit Seth will play the smart and mischievous kid. The film also stars Anjana Das, Indranil Sen and Raju Majumdar in important roles. Nupur will play the mother of the kid. Hiran is reportedly doing a cameo in the film.

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The film is produced by Bidyut Chakrabarty. Tamal and Dodo are in charge of Music Direction and composition of the Bakground score. Tamal will also contribute lyrics of the film songs along with Somnath Ghoshal. Screenplay and Dialog are wriiten by Soumitir Shankar Ghosh. Manikundan Das and R.Khatoi are the editor and the DoP respectively.

Sidhu, Kinjal, Saptangshu, Tamal, Jojo, Somchanda and Diya Das are the playback singers. The film is expected to be a well-rounded family entertainer released early on this new year.

- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)