No Camps for Arjun Rampal

Indian Film Actor Arjun Rampal

Mumbai, Jan 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) With news of Bollywood getting 'divided' making headlines every other day, the one word that's commonly used is 'camp'.  While industry insiders keep speculating about Arjun Rampal’s rapport in Bollywood, Arjun himself prefers to keep away from such rumors.

A recent article in a leading tabloid stated yet another baseless story about Arjun Rampal.

Being known to always have a neutral stance, Arjun stated that, “All the rumors are just plain silly. I don’t believe in camps.”

He prides himself on having good relations with all his co-stars, and firmly believes in working on the basis of the quality of work and nothing else.

The star even tweeted about the same rubbishing all the rumors.

Keeping a straightforward attitude through it all, Arjun Rampal prefers not to play along with such fabrications.

His focus and dedication towards work is a clear indication that his life has no room for unwarranted gossip.