Red Ribbon Releases Bollywood’s First Zero Budget Movie "Lo Ho Gai Party"

lo ho gai party bollywood zero budget film poster

Lo..! Ho Gai Party is a story of 5 friends, Vasu, Shibu, Vani, Aby & Teddy.

A car in need is a car indeed. Hence all of us desire to have a luxury car. Some can afford it and some like Vasu have to manage with a second hand.

Though Vasu treats it like Porsche Cayenne and a new member in his family.  He celebrates the car's arrival with his friends, ignoring the fact that these 4 are the most notorious people around once they are drunk.

Hence the party starts on a normal course, but once they are drunk the situation goes out of control. What happens next is something that you would like to watch.

Inspired by the series of events that would have happened with you. Lo Ho Gai Party is a funny event, you won’t forget all your life.

Red Ribbon is releasing Bollywood’s  1st Zero Budget Movie ‘Lo Ho Gai Party’ on 4th January, 2012 at 11.00 pm  on

Producer                      God (bhagwan)
Written & Directed By Tejas R Padia
Music Directors           Vishal/Vishwas
Shail Vyas
Aby Aniruddh Dave
Teddy Vaidehi Dhamecha
Shibu Manauv Vaswani
Vani Lovina Bhatia
Vasu Paresh Bhatt
Shinde Rajendra Shisatkar
Garage Owner Harry Shah
Watchman Paresh Bramhabhatt
Patient Dhaval Barbhaya
Suresh Prabhu Manoj Joshi
Mamaji Satish Kaushik