LIFE! CAMERA ACTION wins the prestigious ORSON WELLES award at the California Film Awards

Theatrical Trailer: "Life! Camera Action..." - a Rohit Gupta film

Los Angeles, CA, Jan 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Director Rohit GuptaRohit Gupta's internationally applauded and critically acclaimed over 50 international accolades and awards winning film, LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... continues on its winning streak at the prestigious 2011 California Film Festival. The film has been conferred with the esteemed 'ORSON WELLES' Award for the 'BEST NARRATIVE FILM' at the Award Ceremony on January 28, 2012.

'Your film has been chosen as a Best of Category Award Winner at the 2011 California Film Awards, our highest level of recognition. An honor and distinction as the Orson Wells Award is one that only a small handful of projects of exceptional standard get awarded', commented / praised James Nicholas, Founder, California Film Awards.

The event began with a red carpet gala/dinner what, followed by the Filmmakers Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Bahai Resort Hotel situated directly on the world-famous Mission Bay in San Diego, California. With over 200 guests from the local and international film circle, the evening was filled with a number of new and cutting-edge American and foreign films competing in several award categories. The California Film Awards provides a forum for talented filmmakers to be recognized for their work, creativity, and achievements.

Actress Deepti Mehta
Actress Dipti Mehta

"Awards are important so receiving this exclusive award is another huge encouragement and I feel extremely honored, said an ecstatic Rohit Gupta in a telephonic interview after the Award Ceremony. When asked to comment on his motivation and inspiration, the unassuming Gupta replied, 'Analogically put, it's like a game, to go up to the next level, you have to triumph the level before. This feeling and commitment that comes with it, is exhilarating.'

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...seems to be on everyone's lips, including the upcoming Academy Awards to be held at Los Angeles on February 26, 2012. Even the Oscars need some marketing; the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has released a new poster for the 84th annual Academy Awards with the tag line being 'Life Camera Action'. We wonder if this is just an uncanny coincidence or a cosmic sign to inspire all upcoming independent filmmakers to believe in their work and prove that anything is possible akin to the film LIFE! CAMERA ACTION's...tag line 'Even Impossible says I'm possible'

A recent critic's review from the 'Bangladesh Chronicle' of LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...says, "Rohit Gupta has managed to use a small budget optimally to produce a film that can easily compete with major publicized films. The film is about facing obstacles and achieving dreams. It seems to give the third wavelength to the audience in a reflection of their personalities within the movie. The movie is definitely worth watching."

As reported from London, UK by Chaitali Nagpal Hireker

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