Interview: Superstar PROSENJIT CHATTERJEE on Bengali Movie APARAJITA TUMI and Bollywood Film SHANGHAI

Aparajita Tumi Bengali Film Poster (WBRi)

By Bidisha Bagchi

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Michigan, USA, Jan 28, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) You can call him the Shahenshah, the Samrat or the King of the Bengali film industry. We, the lovers of Bengali cinema wait eagerly for a film release from this great star, who undoubtedly is the numero uno, Mr Prosenjit Chatterjee - dear beloved Bumba-da to all Bengali film-lovers.

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He was kind enough to spare some time out of his busy schedule and talk to WBRi about his latest film Aparajita Tumi and about his upcoming release ‘Shanghai.’

When asked about the success of Aparajita Tumi and his view about the film, he shared that the film was the first Bengali one to be shot extensively in the United States. It’s based on a novel by Sunil Ganguli and is directed by national award winning director Anirudhha Roychowdhury (WBRi Interview). Aparajita tumi is a very different kind of film targeted not only for Bengalis in India but also abroad. Bengali cinema has travelled a long way and now excellent films are made which are not typically commercial potboilers. Bengali film makers, actors and other technicians need support and feedback from the Bengali community in India and abroad so that different kinds of films can be made.

When asked about his experience in the United States, he was all praise for the country, its people and the way he felt. Shooting in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge particularly was an exciting thing as it is a national landmark. Even though it was terribly cold, the entire team worked and coordinated very well with each other and he never felt that he was out of home. On his next visited to the United States, WBRi extended him a warm invitation to its office.

WBRi asked him if he, his director and his co-stars, majority of who are national award winners, face any kind of pressure from the audience of Bengali films to make Aparajita Tumi a huge success? He said that during the release of all his films, he is tensed as the expectation from the audience is very high. The level of tension has remained the same starting from his first film to the current one and this tension keeps him fit and till the time he continues to work, this tension will be there and will also help him to perform better.So, what does he have to say about his famous dialogue in the film Autograph; ‘I am Arun Chatterjee, I am the Industry’ which is so true for him, personally. He says it’s an honor. Even though he has never said that for himself but his commitment towards his work, his long association with the industry and his experience has made him an Industry. Blessings from his mother and his acceptance as a guardian of the film industry by the film fraternity, has made ‘Prosenjit Chatterjee’ an industry.

About his latest film ‘Shanghai’ which is due to release soon, he said ‘Shanghai’ happened mainly because he wanted to work with Dibakar Banerjee. The film is in Hindi and it was accepted well in Mumbai. It is a very different kind of a role and he is now concentrating more on meaningful serious characters which create an impact on the minds of the audience.

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