Golmaal's Shreyas Talpade in UTV STARS Superstar Santa

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Indore, Jan 20, 2012  (Washington Bangla Radio / Free-Press-Release.com) Funnyman Shreyas dons the ‘Peacemaker’ role on UTV STARS’ Superstar Santa!

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Who would have known that Shreyas Talpade of Golmaal fame can don serious roles too and that too in real life? The actor recently stepped into the shoes of Santa to resolve an issue between two warring friends, Faisal and Sumit.

Faisal and Sumit both hail from Allahabad and have been close friends ever since their days together as theatre artists. A few years ago, both of them shifted base to Mumbai to further their career in the city of dreams. Things were hunky dory in the beginning as Faisal landed himself a role in a theatre group and even helped Sumit get a job in the group. However, things started getting out of hand when professional jealousy came in the way of an otherwise cherished friendship. The relationship was already under strain, when an SMS incident worsened the situation further. It’s been about 7 months since the two of them have been on talking terms and now Faisal feels the need to rise above such petty issues and make up with his childhood friend.

Shreyas heard them both out. In fact he dealt with the issue in an extremely tactful way and got the two of them to do some really fun stuff on the show – a hilarious mirror exercise and a dance to the tune of the Golmaal title track!

Will Shreyas be able to help Faisal and Sumit call truce? Catch all the excitement only on Superstar Santa on UTV STARS this Sunday, 22nd January at 7 pm

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