You, Myself and Rabindranath Tagore!!!

45290838 Since I was born into a cradle of music and my Dad the Legendary Batuk Nandy, was a leading performer and aficionado of Rabindrasangeet himself, I was literally drowned in music all through my childhood, and teens by ace vocalists like Debabrata Biswas, Sagar Sen, Chinmoy Chatterjee, Sumitra Sen, Arghya Sen, Asoketaru Banerjee, Swapan Gupta and Tanmoy Chatterjee.The rose flavored days of the Tagore Concerts used to be held in Rabindra Sadan, Kala Mandir and Mahajati Sadan are long gone. Now outlandish musical backdrop like Reggae, Rock and Latin Styles are being introduced in the name of modernization, which is simply killing the very essence of Tagore Songs, and robbing it of it's Dignity. However, Swarup and Swati Paul's new Tagore Song Album "Tumi, Ami O Rabindranath" a Music 2000 presentation happens to be a very satisfying from the word 'go'! The songs 'Tumi Robe Nirobe (a Duet, which is their specialty), ' Momo Chittey' (by Swati) and 'Adhara Madhuri' (by Swarup) along with other songs like'Tomae Gaan Shonabo', ' Adheko ghume Nayono Chume', 'Oi malotilata Doley' etc. simply retains the flavor of a typical smooth Tagore Song Presentation and at the same time bringing forth a musical backdrop mainly consisting of programmed tracks along with VST tones and a Spanish Guitar which though sounds modern, but is equally smooth and easy on the ears.

Swarup & Swati Paul : Both were initiated into the world of music at a very tender age. Their song is a harmonious mix of melody and expression. Performer, teacher and director par excellence, Swarup & Swati have curved a niche for them and have given a new dimension to duet song. Swarup was initially trained in various Bengali songs under the guidance of Sri. Rabin Mukherjee, disciple of Smt.Suchitra Mitra and younger brother of successful composer

Sri. Sailen Mukherjee , whereas Swati had started her musical journey under the guidance of famous Rabindra Sangeet Singer Dr. Sreekumar Chatterjee and Rabin Mukherjee. They trained in classical music under the tutelage of  Sri. Gautam Goswami and Sri. Makhan Majumder respectively. Swarup then went to Rabindra Bharati University after finishing his B.Sc and Swati did GEETABHARATI diploma from Gitabitan, famous music school of Kolkata along with her M.Sc from Jadavpur University. Presently she is continuing her training under the guidance of Sri Rajeswar Bhattacharya, an exponent of  Rabindra Sangeet.

Swarup had worked as Demonstrator in Dance Dept. Rabindra Bharati University for 2 years.

Swarup performed solo on the occasion of the  Rabindra Jayanti at Rabindra Sadan since 1990 and Swati from 2006. They performed many times over the AIR and Doordarshan, and has also performed as duet performers all over West Bengal, and even Delhi, Jaipur along with the participation at the Beach Festival- Puri, Orissa.

They both have appeared as playback singers for the celluloid, television serials and dramas like CHOKHERBALI, RAINCOAT, CHORAIDHAN (Akash bangla), DIGANTA (Zee Bangla), LAXMAN REKHA (ETV Bangla), PREM dot COM (Tele-film), AUTUMN SONATA (Docu-feature), KATHA AMRITA SAMAN and SUJON BROTIR SIMANTA.