An Introduction to Maa Productions' ANAMIKA (Bengali, 2012) Movie: Plot Outline, Character Sketches of the Tollywood Thriller

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Maa Productions have released an introductory synopsis / story / plot outline, character sketches and more information about their debut Tollywood Bengali film Anamika expected to release in 2012.


Maa Productions Kolkata Launches Bengali Film ANAMIKA (2012)

Maa Productions Kolkata Launches Bengali Film ANAMIKA (2012)

What lies above us and what lies below us are tiny matters in comparison to what lies within us.

The human mind aspires and in an attempt to do so conspires.... what we often see is shown to us and what actually a mystery.

Mystery has many facets- “Anamika” being one of them... the untold always unwinds in an unknown way-weeds are better off...below the surface....coz when they rise, they bring out the ugly picture....


Anamika - the protagonist is an urban, liberated, career oriented woman who at the age of 24 is able to strike the perfect balance between her personal and professional life. The woman of substance, the binding force of the family, she knows what she’s doing and is here to conquer....

Harsh - The man Anamika has chosen to be her soulmate. A dutiful, loving, affectionate, considerate man who respects his wife and supports her career as well. Call him her knight in shining armour or simply her husband.

Aniket Sinha - The man behind the business empire that Anamika is running... the man who has brought her up to be the bread earner. Her father who has full faith in her capabilities and is the man that has shaped her to be the woman of substance.

Ravi - A friend, a companion, a confidante, a silent admirer -Anamika’s college mate.


A story of love, a story of power, a story of support, a story of trust, a story of destiny... ANamika wouldn’t beborn without its anonymity-its vagueness... its imperfect characters that make the concept and the story so mysteriously and suspiciously perfect....

The story revolves around our protagonist and prominenet members of her family and otherwise. It opens with the ‘perfect’ picture of the perfect superwoman juggling both – work and family with such precision that her family members cannot stop praising her tactics and feel proud of her existence. The sweet, friendly yet powerful Anamika wakes up one day to a dream....which changes her life forever......Breaking into a sweat she only awakens to see reality from her perspective- her loving husband, her supportive father, her household pillars Munimji and Suhasini who are no less than parental figures for her.


Getting geared to conquer each day at work and home, what lands up on her platter is a business assignment which needs to be procured and sets Anamika on a tour to Mumbai. In Mumbai, she finds herself in front of her college mate- ravi who is now also her competitor. Besides rivalry, there is more portrayed by Ravi- Anamika strongly has been the only woman he has loved so far and destiny brings himself again in front of her. But it repeats and he loses again-this time not the woman, but the contract. Congratulating her, his feelings surface again and unable to stop himself, he asks her for dinner that night. They meet for dinner and next day leave for Delhi. Aniket Sinha and Harsh are eagerly awaiting Anamika’s arrival and are sure of her victory this time as well... But suddenly news that Anamika is dead reaches them... her body is said to have been found in Lonavala... If the one who is dead is Anamika, who is the lady who travelled from Mumbai to Delhi and hey she too has just disappeared?

From this moment starts a quest in search of Anamika and every weed pulled out brings a ugly picture... every clue brings out another puzzle...what is this all about-what has shaped this picture? Does this have to do anything with Ravi? Is he responsible for her absence?Is it Harsh, aniket SInha? But why would they harm her? The question remains unanswered even after it is answered.....

Dreams are a portrayal of what we aspire... or are they what we secretly conspire? The story of Anamika is a story of a dangerous mind- a human mind which can be the most constructive or the most destructive...

The story showcases the lifestyle of characters of a family Anamika – the superwoman, Harsh-her superman and Aniket Sharma, her super dad. Munimji and Suhasini her super pillars When everything seems so perfect, where the mystery creeps in... Well we know that too good can never be true. Same is the case here....

The curious case of ‘the missing anamika leaves curiosity and fear among all specially when she is broadcasted twice on the same time- as alive and as dead...The murder mystery of the leading industrialist ... A complete wreck for her family members...or is it....meant to be?

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