Film Preview: Bhaskar Banerjee's ADHORA (The Obscure) Movie On Track for Release 2012

ADHORA - The Obscure (2012) Bengali Film Poster

Filmmaker Bhaskar BanerjeeCalcutta, Jan 15, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The forthcoming Bengali film Adhora (The Obscure) written and directed by debutant film-maker Bhaskar Banerjee (WBRi interview) has cleared title registration with the Indian Motion Pictures Association (IMPA) and is on-track for a 2012 release.

Though an independent movie the title has been registered under the banner of Paradise Media Communciation. Adhora is expected to complete its shooting and enter its post production phase by the mid of 2012.

The film unit answers some common questions being asked by Bengali film lovers.

When is the movies expected to be released?

Probably September, 2012

What are the plans for release?

Initially we are expecting to screen the movie in film fest globally. We are eyeing to contend in the Sundance Film Fest. We also are looking forward to submit the movie in the Work In Progress category in  Goa Film Festival 2012. Apart from these we are also looking forward to participate in other major film festivals around the globe. As far as hall release is concerned we are yet to have a distributer tie-up, though we are in discussion with Databazaar media for distribution of the movie in US.

Does the movie really have the potential to compete in global film fest?

Yes. The storyline, for Adhora deals with the complex spiritualism of human soul and is an endeavour to seek the truth behind life and beyond death. It is expected to keep the viewers think beyond something which they have never thought before. Not just the story line it is also expected that the picturisation that reveals the beauty of rural Bengal in the movie will also attract most of the viewers.

How good are your cast and crew since your ultimate aim is to compete in global film fests?

We are following the Italian neo realism style. Most of our actors are freshers, except for very few who are currently involved in different format of acting like Anindita Sarkar and Bipasha Roy. Bipasha has already done three features prior to this and she is definitely making justice to her role. And the same goes with Anindita Sarkar. Though she is mostly into acting in negative roles in the shorter format, here she is playing a postive character which is almost the opposite of the kind of roles she normally plays. Apart from them others are mostly freshers.

It deserves special mention for the freshers specially Rinki Ghosh, a girl of seventeen years who is playing the lead role of Manasi, a housewife aged 24 years old. Also to be mentioned is Pavel Dutta, who is playing the character of Dadathakur the protagonist of the story. Pavel has to his credit the experience of acting in theatres. Here it is more likely to be mentioned that being a guy of 28 years he is playing the role of a 74 years old man. And we are sure that audience will be entralled to see his acting.

For many instances we have been shooting live which is also the characteristic of Italian Neorealism style. Like for instance for a temple scene we have the priest who is the real priest of the temple and there are lot of scenes where the common massses of the rural villages of Bengal will be portrayed. It is expected that the essence of rural Bengal will be rightly portrayed in its true spirit and people through out the globe will taste the a flavour of the same in its most realistic pattern.

English Sub-title : The Obscure

Cast: Anindita Sarkar, Bipasha Roy, Rinki Ghosh, Jeni Shah, Arka Mazumder, Pavel Dutta, Banani Chakraborty, Priyanka Banerjee, Rohan, Mithi De, Prabir Halder, Sushanta Sinha, Dillip Banerjee

Assistant Director : Sandeep Halder

Cinematographer : Tanmoy GhoshStory

Screenplay & Direction : Bhaskar Banerjee

Format : HD

ADHORA - The Obscure (2012) Bengali Film Poster

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