Interview: Up Close with Bengali Actress Sampurna Lahiri - Leading Lady of Goray Gondogol (2012) and Upcoming Tollywood Movies

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress SAMPURNA LAHIRI in Goray Gondogol (2012)Washington, DC, Jan 12, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) As a girl who had been in the headlines much before her real tryst with acting, albeit due to her school refusing her a seat in the higher secondary for participating in a regional beauty pageant, Sampurna Lahiri has showed just the right amount of grit and determination to follow her dreams. And here she is anticipating the release of her first Bengali movie, no less than Aniket Chattopadhaya's 3rd feature film ‘Goraye Gondogol’, that too as the lead star !

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Guest: Sampurna Lahiri, Kolkata, India
Host: Arijit Chakraborty, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Article: Penning Creations, Kolkata, India
Audio Recording, Editing: Supratim Sanyal, Washington DC, USA

In an up close with Sampurna, Washington Bangla Radio representative Arijit Chakrabarty strikes up an interesting conversation the with the actress regarding her dreams, her first movie experience and her forthcoming films.

The interview took off with an enthused exchange of New Year pleasantries after which Sampurna got down to talk about her life as a child who grew up with theatre in the air. On being asked what made her walk into a career in acting and eventually in films, pat came her reply that her father, Niladri Lahiri was a noted thespian so, naturally, she had dramatics running in her blood. Moreover, to become an actress was a childhood dream that she had always nurtured.

Charting her course into films, Sampurna recounted how she first got into modeling after her madhyamik exams and then ‘Tare Ami Chokhe Dekhini’ happened. The latter was a serial aired on Star Jalsha that made her a household name. It was after this that she was spotted by Kaustav Roy who offered to cast her in his next production called ‘Goray Gondogol’.

Sampurna’s first big movie break is slated to be released soon. It is but obvious to be on cloud nine for someone who has always dreamed of being a star. However, the young actress admits that the hoardings of the movie, now put up all over the city, puts her on the jittery mode. With a load of expectations on her shoulders, Sampurna concedes that she’s still a bit starry eyed too.

Turning to her experiences on the sets of ‘Goray Gondogol’, Sampurna accepts that she was apprehensive to some extent since she was to share screen space with some of the most seasoned veterans of the industry like Rahul aka Arunoday Bannerjee (interview), Kharaj Mukerjee (interview), Locket Chatterjee (interview), Rajatabha Dutta, Rudranil Ghosh (interview), Kanchan Mullick, Biswajit and Dipankar De. However, all her hesitations and fears were put to rest once she was on for the shooting. Besides, the fun and the pranks, what she absolutely loved was the help and the valuable suggestions that she received from all the senior artistes and her co-actors (lucky girl!)

Now it was time for Sampurna’s take on her director Aniket Chattopadhyay (director of the award-winning Bengali experimental film "Cha-E-Chuti" and the super-hit laughathon ‘Bye Bye Bangkok’). A strict mentor, as she describes him to be, she also thanked him for believing in her and giving her a chance to explore her talent.

Being a new kid on the block, her excitement was quite apparent as she shared the warm reactions of her friends and family. The support and the love of her parents, she said, were two of the biggest driving forces in her life.

When asked to offer a lowdown on the upcoming movie and her role in it, Sampurna tells us that ‘Goray Gondogol’ is an entertaining and fun-to-watch comedy for all ages that will find her playing a girl who is fun loving, chirpy, carefree, straightforward, simple, innocent…and off she rattles (hello, it’s her first movie after all!). When asked if she could identify with the character, she was in total agreement saying that is was much like what she is in real life.

For her upcoming projects, Sampurna has a lineup of movie like Shibaprasad Mukhopadhyay’s "Accident" and Pratim D. Gupta’s, "Paanch Adhyay" which also stars Dia Mirza and Priyangshu. In the former, she plays the mature role of a mother, a very different character for which she had to attend workshops to get into the skin of it, while the latter finds her playing an absolute glam doll of an actress. She played a perfect movie celeb, though, as she chose to keep a secretive mum on a couple of more releases.

The interview finally comes to an end with the actress promising that ‘Goray Gondogol’ would be two and half hours of pure fun and that it would leave the ribs of audience tickled long after they have left the theatre.

We wish the movie a successful run and Sampurna a very successful entry in the world of movies.

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