Ruth England - Mykel Hawke Return to Survival in Man Woman Wild TV Show on Discovery India Channel

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New Delhi, Jan 4 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Surviving in the wild is quite a routine task for ex-US army survival expert Mykel Hawke, who has trained all his life for just such a situation. His wife Ruth, however, is bound to see things differently. Ruth England is a TV journalist with very limited exposure to the great outdoors, except for what she learned from her husband Mykel on their adventures in the debut season of the hit series Man Woman Wild on Discovery Channel. Now Ruth is back with her husband and partner in survival Mykel for an all new season of Man Woman Wild.

MAN, WOMAN, WILD will premiere on Discovery Channel every night at 9 pm starting January 02nd, 2012.

Together the couple will brave the elements, encounter dangerous animals and tackle impossible terrains in their quest to survive in each location they are taken to, with nothing but a knife and the clothes on their back to aid them on their perilous endeavours.

The new season of MAN WOMAN WILD will take viewers to new and exciting locations as never before. This unique survivalist couple will be put in impossible situations that will test both their will to live and their ability to work together to make the best of what they have at hand, and get out alive! This time around, reality television’s favourite husband and wife duo will find their way out of the flooded Amazon jungle, make fresh water from raisins while lost at sea, navigate through a raging forest fire, escape from a glacial crevasse, trap wild boar and even make fire with ice. From the Bermuda Triangle to the jungles of Columbia, from an abandoned town at the base of an active volcano to the center of a massive cave in Croatia, Mykel and Ruth will put their survival skills and their marriage to the ultimate test.

Catch a survival drama with a twist as Mykel and Ruth test both their survival skills and their marriage mettle in MAN, WOMAN, WILD.

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