Rock City ( Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama) United States


One fine summer morning we drove up the hills of Tennessee to reach Lookout Mountain, the most popular attraction of Chattanooga. Once atop the mountain, we were also in Georgia; geographically, Lookout Mountain belonged to Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama and to see all these three states and four more, we first reached Rock City.

As the name suggests, Rock City was truly a ‘Rocky’ bonanza. From gigantic rock formations to funny and interesting ones, rock city had everything accompanied by mind blowing views from the top. 

We stood in front of Needle’s Point and wondered whether we could pass through the passage. It was a narrow path between two giant rocks and unless one can pass through, Rock City was out of reach. Thankfully, we did and our journey around the rock city began, up and down lot of stony and rocky flight of steps and going past other rocks.


At first it was the Gnome Valley, a fun place decorated with lovely rocks and the park authorities claimed that the gnomes had long inhabited the Lookout Mountain and quite a few of these rare creatures had recently migrated to this amazing valley. Well. We did find quite a few of them, behind the bush, under the fountain, inside the hut and many other places. As we moved on, we spotted the mushroom rock and came across the goblins underpass. It was a very low and narrow passage and obviously named so because only a goblin could pass through. But surprisingly, even we did. Then, one after the other came the sky bridge, the climbing rock and the swing along bridge. As the name suggests, the first one was a rocky bridge over a gushing waterfall. The climbing rock was a huge piece of tall rock where wannabe mountaineers could practice rock climbing and lastly, the swing along bridge was actually a scary and swinging bridge over the forests that took the visitors to the other side of the garden.

After all such adventures we reached Rock City’s most admired location, the Lover’s Leap. It was basically a huge rock, jutting out in the horizon and it was from here that we had a sweeping view of the landscape that included the seven states and the lovely river Tennessee, meandering away in the horizon…majestic! The terrace of the Lover’s Leap which is also the observation point and the flag court has the map of the seven states drawn on it. The individual flags of the states along with the ‘old glory’ flutter in the cool wind. The terrace is also popular for being the ‘See 7 states’ that points to the direction of the seven states of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia. 


(Lovers' Leap)


(View from the top)


Admiring the entire scenario we moved on to the shelter rock that looked pretty much like a resting point. After so much of rock climbing, we all needed rest so this was a cool place to sit and relax for a while and then continue with our journey.

At the final stage we reached the open air auditorium where we came ‘beak- to- beak’ (as suggested by the anchor of the show) with ferocious vultures, eagles and even the nocturnal owl. It was interesting to see these birds so up close, flying around peacefully and entertaining the guests.

It was good fun as the show anchor described the nocturnal habits of these birds and those flew around the stage and sat on his shoulder or his arm and never even looked scary at all.

Rock city has a couple of places to shop and eat where the visitors can relax and carry home some souvenirs from this beautiful place.


(Raptor Show)