Khan Sisters Gauahar Khan undergoes lip augmentation procedure, refuses to face camera

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Indore, Dec 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Khan Sister - Gauahar Khan undergoes lip augmentation procedure.

Gauahar who had a photoshoot with a leading magazine a couple of months back, had a nagging worry on her mind…the magazine’s photographer told her she would look even more gorgeous if she had fuller lips. Gauahar took the fashion photographers advice seriously and recently went in for a temporary lip augmentation procedure. The Khan Sisters crew had to eventually halt the reality shoot for the day and wrap up as Gauahar refused to face the camera post her lip augmentation.

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Commenting on her lip augmentation, Gauahar said, "I wanted to try the temporary lip augmentation procedure which lasts for not more then 3-4 hours...but I didn’t like the way it looked at all at that point and hence the shoot of Khan Sisters had to stalled, as I was in shock and wasn't comfortable being captured on camera for that moment."

Such are the ways of the glamset…we hope Gauahar soon gets comfortable with her new set of lips! Tune-in to Khan Sisters on 31st December 2011 to watch the events unfold at 7pm only on UTV Bindass..!!

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