Rohit Shetty makes Big Switch 3 brats sweat it out for an AC

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Indore, Dec 28, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Our eight rich brats are now beginning to miss their most priced luxuries and topping the list is the AC! The only aim that everyone has is to complete their first job and buy the highly required AC. They head to the location of their job – California Pizza Kitchen where they are greeted with none other than the godfather, Rohit Shetty who introduces them to their roles for the day. 

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As the eight spoilt brats who have never moved a finger in their lives get ready for a grueling work day, our Delhi boy Faizan does not seem too happy with his job of being a waiter. The friction begins the moment he has to take his first order at the table assigned to him. The true brat that he is, he has a huge tiff with his customers and loses his cool. Not just that, he ends up breaking some glasses and messing up his entire job!
After a challenging day, the brats anxiously await the verdict of their performances and the money that would get them the much required AC. Mumbai lad Sushant earns the maximum money for waiting tables and also gets the green band for being the best performer while Faizan is reprimanded for being the worst in the job and is also given a penalty for the next job. But the bigger loss is that the brats do not earn enough money to purchase the AC and have to settle for an Ipod. A disappointing end to their first ever job….

Catch the brats slog it out in their first job on Woodland Big Switch 3 – Life without Daddy ka Paisa! on Sunday, 1st January, 7pm only on UTV Bindass

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