Bollywood enjoyed OOH medium in 2011

By Harshada Chougule
Manager - Social Media & Corporate Communications, Global Advertisers

Hum Dono Rangeen 40x40 outdoor Hindi film poster

Mumbai, Jan 6, 2012: A movie conveys the message to the audience when it is presented in an innovative fashion. To increase the foot fall of audience at the box office, movies have to be marketed competently with effective promotion, proper distribution channels and state-of-the-art facilities. In 2011, the channels of outdoor communication are explored to launch the film in the most effective manner. The premier outdoor agency, Global Advertisers witnessed the record high promotional budget of this year’s blockbuster hits such as Salman Khan’s Ready & Bodyguard, Shahruks’s Ra.One, Ajay Devgan’s Dil toh baccha hai ji, Singham & Rascals and Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture.

Global Advertisers, MD-Sanjeev Gupta says “In terms of investments and returns, OOH media provides excellent mix of media tools to producers of film industry. Its cost-effectiveness has made this medium popular in Hindi and as well as in Marathi & Bhojpuri film genre. 2011 has been a landmark year of Bollywood industry, we are glad to be apart of this exceptional success. With an aim to provide strategic promotional solutions, out of home industry strive to bring cutting edge technology of digital billboards and large canvas of traditional hoardings for bollywood films.

Amongst 120 films that released this year have raked in a total of Rs 2,590 crore, but the biggest chunk of the revenue came from 15-20 major movies. Marketing strategies are constantly evolving, hence to grab the maximum eye balls and increase footfalls in movie halls the media experts at Global Advertisers have brainstormed and executed powerful media plans with great focus on result-driven hoardings, conceptual placement of outdoor mediums such as Railway media, Bus media, street furniture and digital sign age across Mumbai. Producers also captured the market of Tier II & Tier III cities across India through outdoor advertising.

Day by day new age technologies are exploited to give a movie an added edge over others. Promotion is the buzzword. Movies are promoted with a target audience, which eventually determines the box office success rates, therefore the agency has identified key areas such as Andheri, Juhu, Bandra, Thane, Marine Lines, Prabhadevi, WEH and Link Rd where traffic of the target audience is always at its peak.

Bollywood industry have manifest the strength of out-of-home by getting a high returns on investments. Movies are cultural artifacts in sync with our new age promotional activities which only enhances the viewer ship and box office collection.

At Global Advertisers, we have tailor made packages for Hindi movies which resulted guaranteed success in 2011.

Link - The Dirty Picture gets clean outdoor publicity from Global Advertisers

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