Life without Daddy ka Paisa on Big Switch 3

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, December 25, 2011 ( “Main bhoot hoon aapki life mein”, says Godfather Rohit Shetty.

From living a life of luxury to getting everything they desired on a platter, meet 8 rich, spoilt brats who are now getting ready for 20 days of Life without Daddy ka Paisa! The first day on Big Switch 3 has the host, the sultry and glamorous Natasha Suri throwing the contestants a fun poolside party to loosen themselves and make themselves at home.

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The eight brats are seen chilling and opening up to each other but not for long... The fun takes an ugly turn when some of the brats are pushed into the pool and don’t take this pushy gesture too well! The snooty kids get into a not so friendly confrontation resulting in a dramatic fight of sorts. Just when the chaos begins to settle and the brats are ready to let go off the memories of the previous night, enters Godfather Rohit Shetty. Snapping them out of their dream world, Rohit Shetty introduces them to their first task – an unpleasant exercise post their wonderful house warming party. The task – the brats have been assigned to clean up the after party mess… every inch of the house needs to be back in order! Shocking for a group of kids who have never moved a finger but such are the orders from the Godfather.

Post a hard day of toiling and undertaking a cleanliness task they had never imagined, the brats look forward to some good news but are in for a bigger shock with Rohit asking them to give up all their essentials and their luxuries… from mobiles to Ipads to credit cards, even ACs, water heaters and more…. the eight brats will now have to earn and buy each and every luxury they desire!

Will the eight spoilt kids survive their first day at the big switch house?

Tune in to Woodland Big Switch 3 – Life without Daddy ka Paisa! Premieres Sunday, 25th December, 7pm only on UTV Bindass

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