Interview: A Musical Tête à Tête with Bengali Singer - Pianist NIPOBITHI GHOSH in Calcutta

By Hirak Bhattacharyya and Supratim Sanyal

Video: A Musical Evening with Nipobithi Ghosh

Nipobithi Ghosh Bengali Songs on WBRi Washington Bangla RadioCalcutta, Jan 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) As you know, Nipobithi Ghosh is a talented pianist, guitarist and singer. Her remarkable proficiency with the keys has grabbed the attention of Bengali music lovers across the world. We caught up with Nipobithi in Kolkata and spent a wonderful candid and informal evening learning about the beautiful musician and listening to her Rabindrasangeet songs and guitar.

Nipobithi grew up in a middle class family, her mother encouraging her to pursue her interests in music and creative arts and steering her away from time-wasters like television. While Nipobithi started to seriously play the Piano while in college, she always had an inclination towards creative and performing arts forms including painting, singing and instrumental music.

Growing up in a family where everyone was a music enthusiast was particularly inspirational. Members of her family would spin records all the time playing songs by legends like Gaharjan, Indubala Devi, K L Saigal, Pankaj Mullick, Hemanta Mukhopadhay, Sandhya Mukhopadhay and so on.

Nipobithi’s intrinsic talent for singing did not go unnoticed, and encouraged by appreciation from people around her, she had decided early on to try to make a career as a singer. A regular job was never high up in her career goals - doing what she loves in a professional capacity was what she wanted to do. She began to also make a mark as a pianist when she was around twenty, and she perceived a greater thirst in her audience for Indian and Bengali music over Western and Western Classical forms, and she loves singing in Bengali.

Nipobithi has performed for a bunch of Bengali films, as well as title songs for Bengali television serials and advertising jingles. Her repertoire is much larger than just Bengali and she has sung in many eastern Indian languages including Assamese, Oriya and Maithili as well as in Hindi and English. She has performed in national-level advertisements as well, and is currently working with Debjit Bera and Debjit Roy as a playback singer for upcoming films.

Her plate is full with a bunch of projects, including a Rabindrasangeet album - putting on her various hats of a singer, pianist, guitarist and music arranger. With two more albums after that in the pipeline and the importance she places on having the freedom to work in her own way, we can expect a lot of more spectacular works by Nipobithi for many decades to come.

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