Clerk (2010)


Clerk is an upcoming 2010 Kolkata Bangla film produced by Nitesh Sharma / Bangla Talkies. The movie is written and directed by Subhadro Choudhury. Music is by Raja Narayan Deb. The running time of Clerk is a short 84 minutes.

Clerk has a credited cast of veteran Bengali movie hero Prosenjit Chatterji, with Anindita Bose, Debabrata Chakraborty, Ruma Bandopadhyay, Chunilal Sophie and Kalyan Gupta.

Clerk is the 2nd feature film by Subhadra Choudhury. His first film was the award-winning 2003 movie PROHOR starring Debashree Roy, Alaknanda Roy, Barun Chanda, Rajatabha Dutta. Buy the Bengali movie PROHOR on DVD online here.

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Synopsis of Clerk from official website:

Placed in the contemporary context of the city of Kolkata, capital of the Red State of West Bengal, 'Clerk' explores the complex psychology of an average middle class Bengali man, ironically named Biplab, meaning Revolution. He is a good-looking bachelor, now past his youthful prime. He works as a typist in a private firm, which is on the brink of closure, with the employees' union switched to 'agitation mode'. He is a loner, an introvert, a man of few words, who offers no more than half a smile to his colleagues and neighbors.

This is his persona as projected in the real world. But once he returns to his lonely flat in a moudly high-rise building, a different Biplab emerges. No longer a docile and tacitum clerk, Biplab becomes an incurable romantic, the eternal lover boy, living in a dream world of celluloid fantasies. He seems to be on intimate terms with all the Bollywood beauties. He lights dozens of candles around him, pours himself drink after drink, and spins stories on the phone for all the stars. For Urmila, Karina, Rani, Ash. Stories of Biplab in different scenarios; but always as a hero come to the rescue of a damsel in distress.

But fantasies do not last forever. Real life shatters them, sometimes in quite peculiar ways. Biplab faces an emotional crisis, and commits a crime of passion. Biplab's story remains open to several interpretations. If we see him as a fish trapped in an aquarium, which is a recurrent motif woven into the story, this could be the very hobby that helps him abandon his fantasies, and find a new and more meaningful relationship in the real world.

- All information from Clerk Official Web-site.

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